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    Late MO Stock, How to Restore

    That stock is walnut with fiddleback on the right side of the butt.
  2. Humbarger

    German K98 Bayonet Help

  3. Humbarger

    K-98 Bayonet ab44 mint

    Congratulations they don't get any better.
  4. Humbarger

    Battle Damaged 1937 S/42 1937

    A ricochet. I always wonder if the soldier felt or even noticed it at the instant the hit happened.
  5. Humbarger

    Gunsmith Wanted for DOU 42 K98k Restoration Project

    Not a difficult task with the proper tools and knowledge of what you are doing.
  6. Humbarger

    98k Bayonet - Factory Mismatch ?

    That 5 does look sus.
  7. Humbarger

    SSZZA$ marking on RC k98

    Reblued. The pits under the rear sight band in photo number 6 look freshly blued.
  8. Humbarger

    Gunsmith Wanted for DOU 42 K98k Restoration Project

    Post a close up photo of the barrel reciever and bolt. Does the barrel screw into the reciever? How far to or past top dead center are the sights when the barrel is screwed hand tight into the reciever?
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    Lehrensatz C

    Interesting. I would like to see the rifle.
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    duv 42 #3196k

    They don't come any better. Nice!
  11. Humbarger

    Unsual tropical frog

    My question based on ignorance i must admit is why would the germans waste precious time and resources refurbishing a cloth item? Throw it away and grab another one!
  12. Humbarger

    You can have just one!

    I'm getting dizzy!
  13. Humbarger

    German Bayonets Volume I reprint update

    Bruce please put me on the list for a copy.
  14. Humbarger

    question about block letters

    So theoretically there were bolt bodies for example from the different manufacturers With the same serial numbers and letter blocks?
  15. Humbarger

    Question about BYF 42 with star on the receiver

    I've seen the star of a French rework on the underside of the bolt root. Traded that untouched rifle away over 40 years ago. How ignorant I was back then! 🥵

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