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    Use of copper remover/solvent

    Try Boretech Eliminator. No ammonia in it and it really takes out the copper. Safe to leave in overnight. You will need to use their patch jags though or your patches will show blue from a brass jag. Lots of shooters feel it's the best bore cleaner. I use it and am pleased with the results.
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    Question on RG34 Cleaning Kit

    Thanks for the info. Hope everyone had a great fourth.
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    Question on RG34 Cleaning Kit

    Long time follower with not a lot of posts. So I decided to jump into the pool Lol. Not a collector of these as this is my only one. Picked it up many many years ago at a yard sale to have as a representative piece to go with my K98. The can is unpainted bare metal with brass latches. It is...
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    Browning High Power grips

    Not hijacking this thread but what would a 1818xx have on it. Looking for a set of correct grips for it.
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    Xmas day signed volume II raffle

    I'm in. Happy holidays to everyone.
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    Question on Elm Stocks

    Long time reader but not too many posts. I thought I'd put this out there anyway. A LGS has a matching byf 42 with what I believe is an elm stock. It's definetly not laminated or walnut. The bad thing is it's been lightly sanded and possibly varnished or shellacked. I can't make out any...
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    Field Repaired Combat Rifles ... several questions

    I have a rifle that I feel is a combat damaged and field repaired. It's a ce 43. It has at least three pieces of shrapnal in the butt of the stock. One piece hit the edge of the take down assembly. Someone has removed the cupped buttplate by sawing down the edge of the buttplate removing about a...
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    BCD BNZ 41 Single Rune

    I've got an unusual bnz 41. It's a 99% matching Kreigsmarine in a beautiful walnut stock. The only thing on the rifle that does not match is the trigger guard, which is a steyr trigger guard with a different serial number and a single rune behind the front screw. The floor plate number matches...

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