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    Erfurt K98a Help

    Have the wrist? (small of stock?) I am on the laptop, so I may have that shot, but if it wasn't on the auction try and take it as the wrist is actually the most stable acceptance on the stock, though pre-war this can vary, especially with Danzig & Erfurt production) Rea;;y I hope it compares...
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    WWI Mauser Sniper by Mauser Oberndorf - Jon Speed

    Very nice contribution! Looks a little fragile for the conditions encountered 1914-1918, though no one then thought it could get that out of control.... back then a small little war or brush up could distract from domestic troubles, - the Germans had social issues and the English trouble with...
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    Amberg 1917

    When trending this rifle, this is the earliest confirmed Gl.V for Amberg and 9960/u supports it in this block, might be near the beginning? (unfortunately many rifles around this range do not show this spot and while this is often attributable to an absence on any marking, you really can't be...
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    The 1920 Property Mark

    Bolts are interchangeable between, G98, 98a, 98b and 98k all will interchange and work assuming the rifle is safe to fire in the first place. - naturally we do not give rifle safety advice on a forum, we can not judge that on the internet or phone, but technically they are interchangeable and...
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    Erfurt K98a Help

    Sure, I understand, this could be nothing, reports are often made with transposed numbers, probably nothing but both gave the same serial (Erfurt/14 2966) and both are well known Imperial collectors... not typical uninformed or careless flipper.
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    The 1920 Property Mark

    No 98b was in existence in 1920 to have received a property marking, there are exceptions, many S28 variations carry the 1920, some of the late WOK and Oberspree that are predecssors to the S28 program also have 1920, - in many cases the reason why is not fully understood, but could be some...
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    Amberg 1917

    Thanks for the extra effort Sam, a super nice example and the Gl.V is a plus for our research! I added it to the Amberg code study, and hyper-linked it to this thread. **Only if you have the time, doesn't really matter, but I am a little curious of the letter under the receiver by the barrel...
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    Erfurt K98a Help

    2966 (Erfurt/14) has been reported as having a bad stock in the past, - two very knowledgeable collectors inspected (in hand) back in 2005 and they both said the stock was bad (in 2005 its stock was lighter and 1920 property marked); the seller then was a notorious humper.... back when this...
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    WMO/1918 serial ranges

    Thanks! I haven't seen it yet, but I will check out his listings, - they usually do a good spread and cover all critical aspects (this wasn't always so, in the early 2000's they were just as resourceful in finding special rifles, but took less than 10 lousy pictures, often in montages of dubious...
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    BNZ 43 d-block

    I agree, legit imo, - and I am not that big on factory errors, but this is legit imo..
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    What is the correct bayonet for k98b's? Gew98 or k98 bayonet?

    It is a small matter, WMO/16 Sg98/05 are rather common, not too much value lost. I am hoping for the best in this case, really the auction was poorly illustrated and it isn't your fault as with 79 pictures, many repetitive, it seems unbelievable this wasn't purposeful. (through millions vote...
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    What is this Gew98? k98b or G98m?

    There is no negative for this attribute alone, but the rifle has the looks, the importer mark, the excessive wear, general mismatched state, the fact it has 98b components and interwar work done (Simson barrel); these alone are nothing but together with condition, especially the mix of 98b...
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    What is this Gew98? k98b or G98m?

    This is probably the case, this seller takes a lot of pictures of nothing... most are totally irrelevant, but the barreled receiver is property marked and has a Simson re-barrel, - very unlikely the stock is original to this work. what concerns me most is the lack of pictures of the stock...
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    What is this Gew98? k98b or G98m?

    If this is not a current auction it is fine to discuss here, - before paying for the rifle, you might consider posting the link to the auction or posting the pictures to make sure you are dealing with a original rifle and get some perspective, Up to you of course, but I can't tell much from...
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    Gewehr 98 (possible sniper?)

    I think current auction or sale pictures or links are fine in this case, if you want to follow this trainwreck, but I am pretty much only interested in the rifle and where it fits in Danzig production (specifically if this can be placed in a common range for this variation). ** W, I did notice...

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