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    42 code 1938 k98 is it matching?

    Yes, clearly ground down and renumbered.
  2. my66coupe

    2021 SOS report

    No Canadians, no Italian mofos from Az, Mike Steves’ didn’t get shit faced and ride a mechanical bull. Sos 2021? More like homo fest 2021
  3. my66coupe

    SS Double Claw Sniper

    Cool but not a Mauser O superior sniper.
  4. my66coupe

    Question on svw MB

    Need pics. Proof on receiver ring? German proofs on stock? Chattered wood?
  5. my66coupe

    Uncommon Mauser Oberndorf handstamp restoration.

    Good work and a definitely a worthy restoration. Has the law come into effect for importing for you guys?
  6. my66coupe

    How do you guys spot stock sanding?

    Rounded edges, particularly by the bolt cut out and the edge of the channel of the stock. Obliterated proofs, improper colors to the finish etc.
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    Thank you for posting these Chuck. With a few measurements I think Clay will have everything he needs!
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    Absolutely new to guns in general/first gun I’ve owned is my grandfathers Kar98K

    Trent, before you get ahead of yourself, please post pictures of the rifle. Do not make any attempts at cleaning it either. Improper cleaning can destroy the value in a heartbeat. Furthermore, shooting it can lead to the same result. You’re in procession of a tangible piece of your families...
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    VG1 owners

    Thanks Chuck! Looking for the stock inletting. Will also need specific measurements.
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    VG1 owners

    In process of a restoration and need measurements and pictures of the interior of a VG1 stock. Thanks!
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    byf45 Find

    Saw this one at the SAR show on Saturday. The cracked stock and bands kept me away. Did you get it for less then what he had on the tag?
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    K98 find

    This one is for sale locally. As of today he won’t accept anything less than $2k. The receiver pitting and metal condition are much worse then the pics show. PASS.
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    1943 Single Claw

    Dave, What’s up with the new profile pic? Are you in the shrimpin biz now?
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    1943 Single Claw

    Beauty Dave! If anyone can find the glass, it’s you!

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