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    Geco Wehrmannsgewehr

    Flynaked, I believe I see how the extractor operates, is there an ejector? Or do empties simply fall onto the wood block? A fantastic rifle
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    Grandfather's Rifle

    more photos would verify your model but from what I’m seeing my guess is you have an es340b with grooved barrel, if it is a single shot. Here is a thread concerning them. you might comprare with you rifle.
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    Merry XMAS from Jon Speed

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Scope advice/ suggestions needed es340b

    Thanks for the replies. The mounts I have fit the Mausers 11mm rail, no problem with lever screws contacting the top of the receiver. Mounts are hard to find, I searched for years without finding any 22mm mounts so when I found these 28mm mounts I immediately purchased them. I like the larger...
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    Scope advice/ suggestions needed es340b

    As the title states I would appreciate some help selecting a period correct scope on a Mauser “b” model. From my measurement my rings are made to use a 28mm diameter scope. I have the shown Siebert scope with a diameter of 26mm that will work fine using a thin bushing to make up the difference...
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    Test photo

    This is only a test
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    ES340B Target Unique Feature

    Thanks, yes, nothing unusual with either front or rear sights. But your rear sight plate may not be locked into the carrier correctly, it looks too far to the left and the carrier may have been moved by the windage screw far to the right to compensate.
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    ES340B Target Unique Feature

    Is your front sight the typical Mauser insert?
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    ES340B Target Unique Feature

    Seems too far back doesn’t it but Parker-Hale sold a aperture back sight for the “b” models back in the day that mounted in that position. Page 295, “Mauser Smallbores” by Jon Speed. It appears the PH sight mount screws to the wood at the start of the comb where yours is positioned. I’m just...
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    Erma 22lr conversion kit

    It’s been quite a few years since Ive had an eye exam, I’m due. Ill talk with my optometrist and see what might help. I enjoy iron sights but… Id be interested in hearing of others experience with the ermas accuracy, you’ve got me pondering a scope, just to see
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    Erma 22lr conversion kit

    the kit uses the sight of the host rifle. The host rifle in my case is a Spanish m43 and the conversion unit was in it when I bought it. I dont have the original bolt or floorplate so I think I’ll jut use a triangular file to deepen the v. Thanks for the recommendations, I did find that...
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    Erma 22lr conversion kit

    Yours is a very nice kit, Shot mine today. 10 shots with a 3” target sticker. 50 yards. I had trouble with the tiny v of the rear sight,
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    Need help removing an Erma Conversion kit

    Good to hear you got it out. It would be interesting to see how it does at the rnge, I’m intending to try mine at 50 yards soon,
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    The quality of reproduction ZF-41 scopes

    What failed on your scopes? Had you used the last scope frequently?
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    Need help removing an Erma Conversion kit

    Any joy? I have one in a Spanish(?) Mauser and your post prompted me to remove it, never had it out before. After loosening the ring and turning the head as said above it took a considerable amount of tapping to get it out. It appeared to have had cosmoline or a similar heavy grease between the...

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