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    GunBroker Monstrosity/Turd?

    To me, "turd" suggests that someone has renumbered and/or remarked a weapon to appear to be matching, original, or simply something it is not. This is typically done for profit when an item is to be sold. So, I guess to me, a turd is a weapon that has intentionally been altered in some (or...
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    GunBroker Monstrosity/Turd?

    To me, this one does not make it to turd. I believe the seller is wrong when he says that it probably never did match and that it is a Polish stock modified by the Germans. Whether he is simply mistaken or if he knows better but is lying to make more money I cannot say. I do know that it is a...
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    GunBroker Monstrosity/Turd?

    It is a Gewehr 98 that was reworked by the Poles into Wz-29 configuration. The stock is from an early German G.24(t) and has no relationship to the barreled action other than someone after the war coupled the two. Here is an early G.24(t) with a similar (early configuration) stock. The first...
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    Blank receiver Slovakian Vz-24

    This is a very basic Vz-24 and is only numbered on the left of the receiver ring and on the butt plate with the last 3 digits. I do not see any sign of any numbers being removed from any of the parts. It has Slovakian acceptance markings on the bolt ball and on the right of the receiver.
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    Hitler Youth Rifle taken in Combat

    Walther had an earlier trainer design of their own before they ever made the DSM-34 or KKW. It was simply named the "Sportmodell". It obviously had a handguard. They also had various other .22 LR single shot rifles that...
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    Floorplate MUD stamp on byf44?

    Parts from two rifles became one. The late dot stock and associated parts are worth more than the mismatched byf 44 barreled action. A d block byf 44 would have originally had a numbered stock, numbered bands, numbered trigger guard, and a numbered floorplate. All those parts were unnumbered in...
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    Floorplate MUD stamp on byf44?

    As are the trigger guard and floorplate. Someone tucked a byf 44 barreled action into a late dot's furniture and guard/floorplate. We know this to be the case because of the single E/135 inspection marking on the TG, the stake marking on the TG, and the fact that qnw was frequently found on...
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    T-Gewehr Dies

    You scared me. I opened the thread wondering what had happened to your T-Gewehr. :)
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    Romanian VZ24 Germanized

    Vz-23 lower band also.
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    Romanian VZ24 Germanized

    That's a fine example. I'd love to find one like it. It is hard to find a Romanian Vz with intact crest and also very hard to find one that isn't beat, isn't import marked, and is major parts matching. The German rebuild is like icing on the cake. I do Vz 24 and Vz24 searches on GB several times...
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    unmarked milled floorplates

    They have circle A markings, but these are on the interior part of the floorplate. Can anyone identify their origin and if they are German? Has anyone ever seen a floorplate marked in this way actually used on a rifle?
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    unmarked milled floorplates

    I am posting these with questions for a friend.
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    Info for Kar98 Portuguese "double" matriculation

    I don't know the European market. I'm guessing it might sell in the US for $600-700. The barreled action looks okay. The stock is a bit worn in places. If not a deco, then it could have value as a shooter too. Everything looks correct. Just, as you mentioned, the stock and its components are...
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    K98 wartime stock repair or just post-war refurb?

    Pretty well done repairs. I would guess they were done by the Germans but wouldn't be too surprised if the answer is that the Russians did them. Cool either way.

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