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    Gewehr 98 H Spandau 1917 2646

    Damn, 2 incredible Spandau''s in a row...very cool example...I need to get more imperial stuff!
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    1911 Spandau "c" block Factory Matching

    Damn, that's a sweet rifle, congrats on a great addition! The only thing that would make it cooler would be a unit mark on that disc!
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    "Dealerization" of K98k bayos

    Meh, I've stopped actively looking for 98k bayo's, prices are ridiculous...if I stumble onto one thats good and priced right, I'll snag it. I doesn't help I'll generally only buy matching bayo's... I now actively look for Jap bayo's, a ton of variants and makers, and still relatively priced...
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    A Turd Seller As Well As A Turd Reich Sniper

    Who puts a fixed 6x42 Leupold scope on their newly issued M4???? Guy sounds like a tard....
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    bnz45 "r" Block No Mod. 98 Returns Home to TX...

    So this was a cool/interesting acquisition...saw this posted on another board for sale. Pics were kind of blurry, but looked interesting enough for ne to send an e-mail inquiry. Asked seller if stock was sanded, better pics of bands and screws, were there any markings on the stock, etc...
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    Tulsa show

    Meh, car totaled, I have 4 rib fractures, my wife had an open fracture of the ankle, she is off her feet and living upstairs working from home for two months, luckily Mikey faed the best with a minor concussion/lump on head, but thats it for him...Really put a damper on the Tulsa show, Mikey and...
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    Tulsa show

    I was supposed to go, had a table, but was in a pretty bad car accident the Friday before...and was in no shape to go....:(
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    German Flare Guns, Flares, and Accessories

    Damn, excellent collection!
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    Matching S/27 1938 K98k

    Why would you even consider doing this with an all matching rifle worth quite a bit of money??? You can buy a run of the mill RC for roughly half what you paid for this and beat the crap out of it in the field all you want, and not lose anything. If you want to have one nice matching example...
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    German(?) MAS36

    I agree, I posted mine, what, 13 years ago....a lot less was known then, than is now when it comes to Beutewaffen... But after multiple examples have surfaced, with very similar characteristics, I am inclined to believe, somewhat like Fox Mulder... ;) :cool: They all seem to 1. have the small...
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    German(?) MAS36

    I had one just like it...long time ago, posted it, I think, on GB (I think it pre-dated this board). Ham posted I was crazy, with no other marks, and just a non-standard small eagle, it was akin to seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sammich.... Maybe I wasn't so crazy afterall....;):ROFLMAO...
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    1942 Erma Flare Pistol Grenade Launcher ?

    This /|\ but it is in fairly rough shape for one of these, lots of finish wear and freckling, I'd put the value more in the $250 range myself...
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    Stock re-stain project finally finished!

    Tru Oil is garbage unless your name is Bubba...

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