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    German(?) MAS36

    I agree, I posted mine, what, 13 years ago....a lot less was known then, than is now when it comes to Beutewaffen... But after multiple examples have surfaced, with very similar characteristics, I am inclined to believe, somewhat like Fox Mulder... ;) :cool: They all seem to 1. have the small...
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    German(?) MAS36

    I had one just like it...long time ago, posted it, I think, on GB (I think it pre-dated this board). Ham posted I was crazy, with no other marks, and just a non-standard small eagle, it was akin to seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sammich.... Maybe I wasn't so crazy afterall....;):ROFLMAO...
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    1942 Erma Flare Pistol Grenade Launcher ?

    This /|\ but it is in fairly rough shape for one of these, lots of finish wear and freckling, I'd put the value more in the $250 range myself...
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    Stock re-stain project finally finished!

    Tru Oil is garbage unless your name is Bubba...
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    Gewehr 98 with turned down bolt

    Do you think there is an easily canned explanation for every rifle you find 104 years after manufacture? It could have gone anywhere and everywhere in those years, and who knows what was done to it. It may just be a barreled receiver that found its way into that stock, or its a parts rifle, who...
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    Gewehr 98 with turned down bolt

    There's a new thing out there, Google...
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    The Time Has Come - Forum Software Change

    Good Luck, Sir! We're all pulling for you...
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    How does the phosphate look on this late CZ-27?

    Yep, concur, looks much like my late war one...great contrast to my earlier one, night and day!
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    Seeing double. cof44 Y blocks

    Nice pair Andrew! Well done. Amazing how similar they look....
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    Import marks

    Go find a Kar 98b barreled action, or complete gun without import marks... If you cannot find one, their importance diminishes greatly.
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    Another Mitchel's turd, but the description really takes the cake! A-hole...he is either a complete liar, it too stupid to learn anything. What exactly does he think mmc stands for??? Sub room temp IQ, or complete lying sack, I leave it to you..?
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    No4 Mk1 T scope caps real or repro?

    Yeah, honestly, the No.4 sniper might have been one of the most carefully build snipers in WWII... IF you can find a copy, read Peter Laidler's book, "An armourer's perspective: .303 No. 4 (T) sniper rifle and the Holland & Holland connection" Fascinating stuff...Holland & Holland made all...

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