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    WW1 MG08 stolen.

    What in the world were these Vets thinking? They deserve to have the MG08 stolen. BAY SHORE, N.Y. (1010 WINS) — A World War I-era German machine gun was stolen from the roof of a Long Island Marine Corps veterans group, according to police. A German coastal machine gun section during World...
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    Rare hand chiseled BCD/BNZ 4

    I have one of these in the same letter block and although mine is a m/m nothing on this gun looks correct to me.
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    Gew 98 - Armorers Firing Pin - Won’t Fit

    Thanks for the post I learned a lot too.
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    Mauser ES340B information needed

    GEM you're probably right maybe they were shooting indoors. Shoots great now.
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    Mauser ES340B information needed

    GEM, thank you very much for all the information. I find that you said that Jon Speed's appendix shows that 199341 is the highest number listed interesting and needs a change as mine is 199366 only 25 higher. With all the information that you gave me I now know what to look for. I bought the gun...
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    Mauser ES340B information needed

    I just bought this nice ES340B and know next to nothing about these 22s, I collect k98k's. The ser# is 199xxx and has just the eagle N proof markings and barrel mark of A45 or 46. I'd like to know when it was made and how hard it would be to get a sight hood, sling, and scope for it. Any...
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    Luger firing pin advice og/repro

    Use USA-made ammo it's not as hot-loaded as some of the foreign stuff. I us American Eagle 115 gr. works fine in the P08 and P38.
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    Yugo amm with a shooter kit

    Just went to the range last week to adjust an added scope to my shooter G43 and used the Yugo ammo. The third round fired but case jammed in the receiver so I was only to pull back the bolt just enough to see that the locking lugs were working. At home my wife held back the bolt as far as it...
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    Quality Screwdriver set?

    I like the Wiha tools made here and in Germany. There metric so work nice on very small screws. Just bought a couple of bits, hope their in the mail. Remember GOOD tools aren't cheap or made in China.
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    Getting the Itch to Restore

    A few years ago I did the period correct thing to an RC that I had. I used a buffing wheel on my drill press to take of the Russian paint on the metal parts. I took my time and used a very light touch with a wax type compound that I had. It came out great and didn't harm the bluing at all. As...
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    Do you still have your first nice k98?

    Yes, still have my first one, it's a bolt mismatch:facepalm: 1940 660 that I bought around 1968 for around $60 with a bayonet and no import makings.
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    P38 Decocker Issue - Any MN guys know how to fix/good gunsmith?

    You say that it's an AC40 which is rare one to find and if it's in nice condition worth much more than a common P38. So what I would suggest is to go on the P38 Forum they will help you for sure. I have an AC40 which is the best pistol I own but had the same problem you have but with a BYF43...
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    Need help to correct dented/bent milled trigger guard

    Gerst, try it with a flat headed bolt. Wood wouldn't do it because it's to soft. Here is an up grade to my original idea. Do the same as before but add a screw C clamp to the outside putting pressure that forces the tg together. Doing both at the same time.
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    Need help to correct dented/bent milled trigger guard

    It looks like you want to push out the trigger guard a bit. If that so here is what I would do. Get a bolt that just fits inside the tg and nut with a tube that the bolt fits in. Screw the nut all the way in, put the tube on, set it in the tg and slowly back out the nut pushing the tube and bolt...

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