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    New piece I picked up at auction

    Thank you Andy!..Regarding the mixed WaA, would that mean that perhaps the latch plunger possibly could have been replaced sometime after original manufacture? Rick
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    New piece I picked up at auction

    On the advise from a friend I picked up this 42 ASW. I really like it! What can you tell me about it? The portapee came on it. Is that normal for a field use type of bayonet? Thanks!! Rick
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    Reichsbahn District 15 Narrow-Pattern (Narrow blade)

    Wow! Very nice Bruce! Your buddy is going to be very happy! Rick
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    Thank you Brandon, Yes, that is what I figured with this rifle! I will be happy to post up some of my own pictures of it as soon as I receive it! Rick
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    Hello Gentlemen! I bought that rifle. I am really looking forward to receiving it and will post here my thoughts on it! It is a beautiful rifle for sure and will sit very nicely in my collection! Also, yes I signed up for Gunbroker in 2008 and honestly I never purchased a firearm from that...

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