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    My Berlin Lübecker G41 1943 “5753 h”

    A duv43 g block for comparison
  2. RyanE

    HK 11423

    This recently sold at auction (below estimate at 17.2K with premium), and the auction house posted much better photos than the ones I had from the last time this sold. Not much new to say, I just thought I would post them here. Like far too many of the 43 guns, it has two matching mags. A few...
  3. RyanE

    "Kay"code - Ford Werke Zf41 scope?

    I would assume the 'kay' scopes are a misreading of some kov scopes. The last two letters could easily be mistaken for an 'a' and 'y'
  4. RyanE

    1937 BSW k98....need advice.

    It's a Steyr spare barrel provided to the depot system, but those sat around for years. There is no way to know when the repair was done. Could be as late as 1945.
  5. RyanE

    1937 BSW k98....need advice.

    Its a Naumburg (Nmg1) rework.
  6. RyanE

    1918 Erfurt Kar98a 5934 k "Circle S"

    Personally, I don't think the Circle S has anything to do with Simson at all. A lot of these were dumped on the police, but you see a fair number of the Circle S Lugers that stayed in the Army system and were reworked by an HZa later on. You also see it on some swords, bayonets, and I think some...
  7. RyanE

    1912 Spandau Gew98 5303d with some cool history
  8. RyanE

    ZFG42 thoughts

    The period photo shows it mounted in an Me210 heavy fighter, so possibly it was intended for long range shooting at bombers? Really the only practical combat situation I could think of for such a device outside of calibration. Getting close to bomber formations was dangerous, so magnified optics...
  9. RyanE

    Sauer 1937 with added markings ? What are these

    Looks like post-war Austrian proofhouse testing. NPF is for Ferlach. Had to dig up the code table, but EOW is the date code for January 2001.
  10. RyanE

    Possible Yugoslavian M1924 "Sokol" Carbine

    Unfortunately, I think this is someone's project. Bolt numbers are bad, and I think the stocks numbers are bad also. Front end work looks somewhat amateurish also. So far as I know, everything in Yugoslavia was 8mm Mauser, including the Sokol carbines, with the exception of some older A-H...
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    1892 Spandau Gew 88 Depot Rework

    Nice 88! Looks like the Ersatz-Bataillon was located in St. Avold in Lorraine. The regiment ended the war fighting in the Argonne and on the Meuse.
  12. RyanE

    1936 Mauser

    It appears to be an S/27 1936 made by Erma. The rifle is a total rebuild by a depot, pretty sure it is Posen, using a mix of salvaged parts and spares. The rear sight slider is an odd part to be missing. Condition, as you note, is not great, but a careful cleaning might improve things if done...
  13. RyanE

    'enn' code for slings

    And dot 1940 MG34, as well as some dot40 barrels.
  14. RyanE

    Schmeisser Haenel Luger Mag mystery

    It's a Haenel made commercial magazine from a Police Luger. The 799 is probably the inventory number of the pistol, and the Crown/H is often found on these Haenel mags. I don't think the exact purpose of the Crown/H is known, but its probably some kind of acceptance, police or factory. The...

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