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    Ammo Alert

    Has anyone been shooting this ammo, or just collecting?
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    8mm Ammo Giveaway - Just make a post!

    Congrats to the winner and thank you ncreptile!
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    SMG FG42 Type 1 Latest Toy

    I received that email, Rick said he hopes to ship a few rifles in December. I am expecting a long wait. By "a few" I am guessing he will only ship 20 or 30 in December. Just a wild guess. of course.
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    8mm Ammo Giveaway - Just make a post!

    Here's my first K98k, purchased here on the Trader. I love this dot 43
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    Received my SMGGUNS Type 1 FG42

    I received the State of Business email from SMG a couple of days ago, looks like I am going to have a really long wait for my Type 1. Bummer.
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    Ammo Alert

    This is a great thread. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this ammo. I am curious what firearm you shot this ammo with.....
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    K-98 Bayonet ab44 mint

    Man, that is stunning! Congrats on that find!
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    July 2021 SOS info

    Drool worthy thread, really nice rifles. I especially like the panel cut. If I buy another K43 it will almost certainly be a panel cut. From the limited pics shown it might be hard to top mrfarb's.
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    2021 SOS report

    That byf43 is killer! Where are the pics of the ac44 panel cut k43?
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    FG42 Typ 1 BFA???

    I ordered mine with the deflector also. I'm only 2 months into my wait, but hey, it has already been 2 months since I ordered.... time flies. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours. What a unique firearm!
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    FG42 Typ 1 BFA???

    That's great!!
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    FG42 Typ 1 BFA???

    OP, I take it you are happy with your FG42? I have a Type 1 on order....
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    New BNZ 45 t block

    Thanks for posting, nice rifle and absolutely love the hardwood stock

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