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    Banner K City Code Help

    Now I see it, you was much faster than me and you are very welcome. @mto7464 My family's story is similar, they also lived near Danzig.
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    Banner K City Code Help

    Bruce, it's "Hbl" and the city is Heiligenbeil, there was a Postschutzschule. Regards, Stephan
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    1939 243 Borsigwalde

    It's not specific for Mauser Berlin, also Mauser Oberndorf, Erma/Feima and Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik K98ks have this marking. Here is the link to a thread about this topic: Letter "P" and letter "K" marking on K98k stocks @Andrew You can find all branches in the "t" block of Mauser...
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    1939 243 Borsigwalde

    Jory, thank you very much for all the photos and for checking under the buttplate. It looks like calendar week 24, the stock completion date was between June 12, 1939 and June 18, 1939.
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    S/147 1937 2524p

    Hi James, welcome to the forum. Congrats to your new rifle and Warrior1354 is right, you had luck and you got a Kriegsmarine K98k. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the good advice from Warrior1354 to remove the rust and be very careful. Please leave the stock alone, every little...
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    1st Skijäger Div. white washed STG’s

    Here is a similar topic: Painted Rifles
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    New to forum

    For reference you can also look in Vol. IIb SS Chapter at page 720 etc. and I think you know these rifles, maybe it helps. Rework 147 1939: Link Rework 147 1940: Link
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    Help to date production of a 1940 dated 42 k98

    As already mentioned, this Mauser Oberndorf K98k is definitely a "q" block, so the correct serial number is "4377q". Siegfried, don't be too disappointed. The Battle of France took place between May 10 and June 25, 1940 and your K98k was most likely assembled in calendar week 21, around May 23...
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    Kriegsmarine Stock

    Thank you for the data. It's a stock from a Sauer & Sohn K98k and certainly that rifle had the code "147 1939". This range of the North Sea property number can be allocated around the beginning of 1940, at which time the Kriegsmarine got K98k assembled by other manufacturers, mainly Mauser...
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    Looking for some data on Bcd4/45 rifles

    Hi Andrew, here are some non snipers for you: Bcd4 9957f - Illegible but marked. Bcd4 8851y - E marked Bcd4 1573 - O marked Bcd4 5333 - Illegible (maybe V) but marked. Bcd4 13544 - N or Z marked Bcd4 92309 - N or Z marked
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    SS contract

    Now I have to be very careful what I say because I don't want to portray the prisoners in a bad light, that's not my intention at all. But we shouldn't overestimate these statements of the prisoners. The prisoners' lives were in constant danger, so and in order not to worsen their nutritional...
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    Added a new rifle today, ax 40

    This "m" block rifle has a flat buttplate, your "n" block was assembled in 1941. Which serial number had your rifle, "1822n" ?
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    Added a new rifle today, ax 40

    Congrats to your new K98k, the condition is great!
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    2021 SOS report

    I hope one day I can come to the show. The collectibles are secondary, first and foremost I want to finally meet you crazy guys in person. @Jordan and Andrew I haven't forgotten you and thank you again for your support, I'll be in touch soon.
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    Something interesting

    You are very welcome, but I have to correct a mistake, it's important. I meant "Gewehre (p). For Gewehre (t) it was an other HZa.

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