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    NFA MP40 price check

    I moved to Utah about 4 months ago and that opens the option for my to finally own full auto. I’m wanting to just get a fun full auto MP40 and not concerned about numbers matching or the finish perse, how much should I expect to budget for one, or are the prices all over depending on what I’m...
  2. WaA509

    DK store open!!

    Is there a timeframe on when these will be available? Also curious if blank adapters will be sold
  3. WaA509

    ... 1941 ..............

    Really impressive project! Its incredible to see what you’ve done to give it a second chance at life, excellent work!
  4. WaA509

    G41 and G43 safe ammo?

    This is what their website says about it:
  5. WaA509

    G41 and G43 safe ammo?

    Been looking for the best deal on ammo and found this stuff, does anyone have experience with it in their G41 or G43?
  6. WaA509

    Restoring a K43

    Just got off the phone with him, he does G/K43 stocks as well as G41’s in walnut and laminate, so depending on what you’re after, he isn’t backed up 8 months, and he’s in the US which make the cost and time of shipping much less than from Poland. Fox is also know to sometimes forget that you...
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    1944 Berlin-Lubecker G43 project help

    Fox-militaria has nice stocks but they’re pricey, for a majority of the remaining parts, try frontline militaria, I think they have what you need minus the bolt
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    Interesting comparison, the follower on my G41 doesn’t raise all the way to the actual ramped area of the chamber, whereas on the G43 the follower has a recess in it which brings the top of the follower directly into contact with the ramp itself
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    Thats all very true, i one knew someone who owned one of those place down there. I dont think I’ll use an MG13 magazine in it, just the spring and follower
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    Thank you! I’ll look for some stock polymer blocks and use the rat tail I have, loc-tite is easy enough to come by. I did find someone that did something similar with a BAR mag but it was front blocked, what I would need to do is basically the same concept but in the rear. I’ll have to get...
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    Do you have a picture of one you could send? I tried looking them up but couldn’t find anything, trying to conceptualize how to do this to the rear without interfering with the bolt and feeding process. The spacer up front makes sense, but I’m having trouble trying to figure out the rear would...
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    That makes sense, thanks for helping me walk through this. It’s much more difficult than I thought it would be, I’ve never had a gun not feed blanks like this, so it’s a bit overwhelming
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    I mean the follower for the mg13 mags. Going to buy an mg13 mag and take out the follower and cut the spring, then I grab some other blanks to see if they feed better. I’m using the prvi red tips, but they’re extremely blunted so they keep cramming against the top of the chamber and against the...
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    I hadn’t thought of that, would an mg13 follower work, or do I need to order the one from the french vendor? I’d assume this will require some welding as well
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    G41(w) replacement springs

    It works fine with live ammo, but with blanks, it has trouble feeding into the chamber, it just slams them into the top of the action at an angle and they jam, having not fully been stripped off the follower

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