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    ZG 1229 Vampir somewhere?

    I'm still not clear. Are these going to actually function as a night vision scope or are they just mock ups? Also, have they all been spoken for yet?
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    What is a nice German Army sports shirt eagle worth these days?

    That would make a good gym shirt......what could possibly go wrong?
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    Vopo Luger

    It's always seemed to me that the Russian reworks are less mixed than the East German ones. Whereas the Easties actually remanufactured them and usually replaced the barrels, I think the Russians many times just dip blued them and called it good. I have a Russian rework BYF41 that, other than...
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    Vopo Luger

    With two matching mags and Eastie tool/holster combo too!! VERRY nice!!!
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    Update on FG42 from SMG Guns

    How about reliability?
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    Anyone Heard From Don Miller Recently?

    Will do. Thank you for the reply.
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    Anyone Heard From Don Miller Recently?

    Well, at least I know he's ok. Thank you.
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    Anyone Heard From Don Miller Recently?

    I sent him a ZF4 via USPS Express Mail for service on February 23rd after him confirming on February 22nd that that he could "correct the faults". USPS delivered it on February 24th and I've heard zilch since. I sent him an email inquiring as to progress on March 24th. No answer. I sent a...
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    PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

    I'll 100% buy a laminated stock if you can get one in.
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    Known Fake holster sells for $230

    I place him right down there with ol' Scotty the Gigantic.
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    ZG 1229 Vampir somewhere?

    You clearly do exceptional work!!
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    The rack is retired

    Most unfortunate.
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    DK store open!!

    Thank you sir. Yes, even original bolts show a LOT of variation in detail.
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    DK store open!!

    Next up are the extractors. Top view with front towards bottom of frame: Bottom: You certainly aren't going to confuse SSD made ones with originals. They work just fine though and look identical when installed. Front: The edges on the SSD made extractor claws are very sharp and pointy...

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