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    Barrel ring marking 'stupid' question.

    I've been trawling through Vol I and both Vol II over the past 4 months of lockdown here in UK, and I've probably missed it staring me in the face, and I've had a search through the forum and not found anything either.....but, what does this marking relate to ringed in red? This is my 243-1940...
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    Thoughts on this byf 44 for sale in UK

    Please take this as a continuation of my education post….:biggrin1: We don’t get too many K98’s coming on the market in the UK, so I always keep an eye out on a regular basis from the small number of dealers that sell old rifles. Anyway, this one popped up last week on the market at a dealer...
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    Interesting possible ex-sniper 660 1940 K98k

    This is not a link to a live auction, although it is a trader sale ad, but as it’s for a deactivated rifle that probably failed a UK proof test, I assume it won’t get deleted. The reason for posting is the possibility of what this may have been or not as the case may be. It’s an ex-Norwegian...
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    My 243 1940 Kreigsmarine/Royal Norwegian Navy new purchase

    A few weeks ago I traded my 147 1940 K98k F1 for another ex-Norwegian capture K98, This one is still 7.92x57 as its ex-Royal Norwegian Navy, and well as originally being a Kreigsmarine issue. :biggrin1: It’s a bolt miss-match but otherwise almost all matching, apart from the cleaning rod...
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    P.Kohler Berlin 6x59 scope

    Anyone have any info/details on this scope that I’ve just acquired? Marked P.Kohler Berlin with Pecar 6x59 underneath and a serial number of 914. Since buying it I’ve seen some indication that similar civilian P.Kohler x6 scopes might have been used by German Military Police (and poss SS?) on...

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