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    Norwegian K98kF1 Questions and Value Estimate

    It would be very rare if it was all matching, even ignoring the fact that its been re-barreled so by default can't be all matching. The barrel bands and rear sight base are usually miss-matched on every F1 I've seen, including the 1940 147 F1 I used to own. As these were removed for the barrel...
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    Norwegian K98kF1 Questions and Value Estimate

    The F1 I used to own wasn't sanded that I could tell, if it was it was very lightly done. It was evil to shoot though......a real shoulder thumper!
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    Footage of the Mauser Oberndorf factory in June 1945

    Very interesting video......being able to see the sort of sights my late father told me about in the weeks and months after VE Day in Germany. As well as the Ju88's, Bf109's and He111's still in their makeshift roadside dispersal pens, it was interesting to see how many of the trucks in those...
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    Norwegian Surrender-Rifle (KNM/Navy 8x57)

    Interesting, that they have machined the receiver for adding the K.N.M number, in a similar way to what was done when they did the 30-06 conversions? I presume this was part of the Kongsberg rebuild? I have a Norwegian surrender K98k (243 1940) that is stamped with K.N.M number on the receiver...
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    Zeiss Zielvier 19908 for LT BYF Rifle 320 with Scope Covers

    Many thanks for that..... (y):giggle: My guesstimate description to the guy that made up a set for mine wasn't too far out, and they were cheap enough ($30) that they'll always be useful as a spare set, but his interpretation of my sketch wasn't quite he made them with these...
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    Zeiss Zielvier 19908 for LT BYF Rifle 320 with Scope Covers

    Dave, do you have a set of P.Kohler scope covers? I'd love to see some detail photos of a set of P.Kohler scope covers. After years of searching, I've now found someone in the UK that can make scope covers, and he's made a generic set up for my Kohler scope, and at a price that I wasn't too...
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    BLM K98k serials and technical data

    I picked up this one from a fellow forum member here in the UK as he decided that at his age, it was time to quit shooting. While I knew he had posted photo's before on here, he hadn't added the details to this thread. 1936 #5034 Its a RC so only receiver, barrel and trigger guard are...
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    Got my Late Night Old Fashion Buy K98 1940. Wife told me I got Lucky

    Can't quite make the block letter out, is it a 'h' block? If so, it's also very close to my 243 1940, which is a' 'g' block in the high 9000 numbers.
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    Zeilvier Machnist Drawings?

    The only source I know of is this one....
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    local finds MP44 and more

    Only if you are a dealer with a Section 5 license. You have to have a very compelling business case to be granted a Section 5 dealer licence.
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    NOS 1945 Steyr MP44

    :jaw: :hail:
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    NOS 1945 Steyr MP44

    Wow.............:hail: Where on earth has that been hiding for 75 odd years.....?
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    No4 Mk1 T scope caps real or repro?

    Yep, definately repro. My original lens covers on my original all matching 1944 dated No.4(T) doesn't have any date or makers stamps on it, although I have seen a few early originals with stamps. And yes, the No.4(T) was probably the all around best sniper rifle of WW2. Still good enough...
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    Who all supplied KM rifles?

    My 243 1940 M stock doesn't have a KM marked take down disc either. It does however, have additional post WW2 Norwegian Naval markings, so is a twice Naval issue rifle.
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    Who all supplied KM rifles?

    My 243 1940 'g' block is a M marked stock.
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    The rarest of the rarest of all K98k rifles!

    Ouch.........that's gonna hurt when they find out what they've got.
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    Commonwealth Capture 1936 S/42

    British REME armourers would never have done as their mindset was decades of dealing with Lee-Enfields and similar weapons, that were all part matched and individually hand fitted and numbered accordingly. You can't just swap bolts in an Enfield for example, they have to be hand fettled and...
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    German WW2 sniper rifle expert

    :laugh: :rofl:
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    S/243 1937 #3797 g block

    That's lovely, great find :thumbsup:

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