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  1. mrfarb

    SS Contract duffle cut repair

    Glad someone here got it! I’d fix the duffel cut and get the spacing right whatever it takes myself.
  2. mrfarb

    Warning - email SPAM

    I just received an targeted phishing email about forum email being full. THIS IS NOT FROM THE FORUM. It may not go to all members, but it’s meant to get your password. DO NOT CLICK SUSPICIOUS LINKS. WE DO NOT SEMD EMAILS LIKE THIS. Thanks
  3. mrfarb

    SS RC deaths head k98

    Well, it appears legit. The issue is it’s probably not impossible to get perfect skull stamps and apply them. So you have a potentially real SS rework barreled receiver in RC trim. These army ss2 rework guns are not super common, and generally misunderstood by the general population of...
  4. mrfarb

    Questionable but interesting...bnz42 'single rune'

    Bolt could be good - but it’s such a crapshoot when dealing with humped up guns.
  5. mrfarb

    Questionable but interesting...bnz42 'single rune'

    Its possibly legit, but the problem you run in to - if they faked all the numbers on small parts (which is clear) you really can't trust much of the rifle now, especially from those photos. I'll say though its a possible combination, but rather than diverted receiver I'd say salvaged/reclaimed...
  6. mrfarb

    AC 44 P38

    From looking for a similar pistol, value wise: Pistol - nice shape, selling for about $1100-1200 on auction Holster - nice holster, one of the ukraine imports - $150-200 on auction Extra Mag - $125 on auction So if you paid around $1500-$1600 or so you didn't hurt yourself. If you paid more...
  7. mrfarb

    The 7.9mm Carcano

    Here are a few extra photos. Like all the others in this series, the stocks seem to have had the recoil lug added and not mated back to the original rifle, but no H number was stamped on it to match. I was told long ago by C Brown that it was typical, so he had noticed it before as well. Also...
  8. mrfarb

    K98k Serial Number Research Threads By Maker

    I guess either everyone felt they had it figured out? Nobody ever started a Steyr serial study - you should do it!
  9. mrfarb

    Gewehr reworks question

    Its not a dumb question, best I can say is I don't know for sure. You can make some guesses - at this point in time I believe the SS Gew conversions were done by commercial firms in the Suhl region for the SS. Using leftover military parts for commercial hunting rifles was pretty widespread, and...
  10. mrfarb

    SSZZA4 Rifle VZ24 Receiver

    Great example even if it needs a stock Brian. Your buddy is lucky!
  11. mrfarb

    WTK: P38 CYQ "Z" block ??? need evaluation ASAP

    That’s a good price for it. Yes, Z block is 1945 production. Not the most valuable but a cool one to have with cog hammer and cvq marking.
  12. mrfarb

    WTK: P38 CYQ "Z" block ??? need evaluation ASAP

    Russian dip is not reblued. It looks dipped to me as well, not all had X marks or even import marks. The locking block pin is usually the best place to look as it’s hard to clean it properly. The lack of paint in f and s is also a sign. But in hand is the best method as pics can be deceiving...
  13. mrfarb

    The 7.9mm Carcano

    Excellent post! I have one of the M38 short rifles in the H6000-H7000 range, I thought I posted it but I can’t find it. I have a few pics in my phone, but of the few of these I have seen none were depot marked, none of the 3 had the H stock number, and none had the original factory matching...
  14. mrfarb

    Gotta love this restamp serial number "vet bring back"

    News flash - while saving the images, I found this one - note serial grinding on receiver. Also, note that the Beschußstempel was purposely saved on both, another gentle clue:
  15. mrfarb

    Gotta love this restamp serial number "vet bring back"

    Indeed. This rifle is an authentic SSZZA4 built from a salvaged receiver, a byf41 marked receiver to be exact. To start, the 2 major categories I put these in are reworks and builds. The reworks seem to be first in the series (in as much as we can tell from the breed- its really speculation...
  16. mrfarb

    Newcomer on board

    You’ve come to the right place. First, just relax. This is a journey, there is a lot to learn. Start reading posts. Look through our pic sticky section. As questions. It’s a very fun hobby, and you have a leg up since you have some guns. You’ll probably find some disappointments in what you’ve...
  17. mrfarb

    byf42 Luger

    The more I look at it, I’m going to keep it. Ill Find a good 42 date holster one day. I have a decent Luger collection as is, kinda need the 42. I agree that all of the oddball Lugers are going to lose value, and things like Kü Lugers will align with the true value vs the weird inflated values...
  18. mrfarb

    Have some questions on this k98 bolt.

    It looks correct. It’s from a later k block byf44 rifle, like 46512k or 56512k.

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