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  1. tokarev38

    Polish Mauser research

    There were a few crazy people in Polish pre war army that held high positions and made stupid decisions and had weird ideas. One of the higher generals wrote a paper in late 30’s arguing superior position of cavalry lance over pistol. Not everything was following logic
  2. tokarev38

    G41 price

    That price will surely set a new threshold for dealers
  3. tokarev38

    Polish Model 98a

    Early Warsaw made long rifles that originally had ww1 style rear sight, had that sight changed to a new style like on later wz98a rifles during refurbishment process. That’s why you can see those rifles with sights typical to later production guns.
  4. tokarev38

    G41 price

    What is so special about it except price?
  5. tokarev38

    Polish 1923 W98

    Very rare rifle. First year of production, less than 10 thousand made. It went through refurbishment as indicated and it was fitted with new Radom barrel.
  6. tokarev38

    Polish K98

    That triangular marking on the stock is FB in a triangle, same as on Radom pistol grips. It is a Radom factory logo. Stocks were marked like this when sent from factory to refurbishing arsenals to be used as replacement. Does that stock or its butt plate have any serial number? I have...
  7. tokarev38

    Polish Model 98a

    Very interesting rifle, Those were typically refurbished in this fasion in Warsaw Armory (ZW) around 1937 to be sent to Spain. That one seems different however. Receiver doesn't look like German WWI with its typical proofs and markings, and neither like Polish. Maybe it is, but with completely...
  8. tokarev38

    Polish used and refurbished French Berthiers

    3 Polish Berthiers. They were most likely bought by Poland from France during Polish-Russian war 1920-1921. Poland didn't manufacture any weapons at that time yet and all they had were either WWI leftovers or purchases. Later in 1936 these rifles went through refurbishing process in Warsaw...
  9. tokarev38

    Period turret photo from Spielauer book

    When you look at that picture and take a note of partially visible shoulder board, this officer is at least a major, possibly even colonel. Most likely staged photo of a higher ranking officer trying and aiming sniper rifle. Maybe one of his soldiers’ during an inspection or troop visit.
  10. tokarev38

    Very late 1939 dating Polish wz29 Rifle

    Very nice wz29, and it seems to have original polish cleaning rod. Bolt with straight handle would be correct.
  11. tokarev38

    SS Bag

    SS stamp is added post war and is not period. There were no original SS markings in a diamond. Original SS markings will be accompanied with rzm mark and rzm code, VA or VT. Most SS marked equipment will be from pre war period. Wartime issued pieces except buckles were not specifically SS marked.
  12. tokarev38

    Very late 1939 dating Polish wz29 Rifle

    How the number on butt plate looks? Polish serials on other parts would include letter Z.
  13. tokarev38

    Very late 1939 dating Polish wz29 Rifle

    Does the font on other parts match perfectly to the one on receiver? It looks a bit different on the floor plate to me. Bolt is definitely forced matched. Are there polish proofs on the stock wrist or other parts? I would say it is captured rifle, with parts numbered to match by Germans.
  14. tokarev38

    Very late 1939 dating Polish wz29 Rifle

    Bolt is Polish from early to mid 30s with ground off polish serial on the handle arm and German serial applied on the root. At that time Radom rifles had numbers on receiver, barrel, stock bottom, bolt handle and butt plate. There were no numbers on floor plate and bands. Those parts were...
  15. tokarev38

    Champagne Rune SS Fraud Exposed Video Series

    It is, I posted your screenshot there.
  16. tokarev38

    Polish PFK Warszawa 1929 K98 .22 conversion?

    I has been a while since I handled one, but I believe yes. Don't take it 100% however since I don't remember all the details. Nevertheless, since conversion was internal, regular K98 stock should be good. All these armories that did conversions and repairs used standard issue of recycled or...
  17. tokarev38

    Polish PFK Warszawa 1929 K98 .22 conversion?

    Stock is not original to that rifle. Originally it would have a regular K98 stock with large digits "22" on the handguard. These were used up older rifles converted to trainer role during 30's.
  18. tokarev38

    What is going on here? 8000.00 + 'e' block svw45 dual tone ...

    I wouldn't trust this seller. Some time ago I enquired about one of his P38s. Blueing seemed refinished on pictures so I asked him about it. His reply was that I should use my own judgement and decide on my own. No answer either way and of course that was a no return listing. I also checked few...
  19. tokarev38

    Full autos in Wisconsin

    Thank you for your replies. I will difinately check with sources when I am ready to buy something

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