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  1. Guillaume d'Orange

    Thieves Target Museums for Third Reich Militaria

    Hi Remfan, yes we had a discussion back then:
  2. Guillaume d'Orange

    WWII Germans with Enfield No. 1 Mk.III rifles

    Interesting pic, the fellows look like young recruits in training outfit. Or maybe they were training before Operation Sea Lion :LOL:
  3. Guillaume d'Orange

    Hello from Italy

    Hi Francesco, I would be curious to hear from you how easy/hard it is to find K98ks in Italy. Greetings from France.
  4. Guillaume d'Orange

    The Time Has Come - Forum Software Change

    Congrats for the update Mike, it looks pretty slick !
  5. Guillaume d'Orange

    Hello from Ohio

    Hi Tom, Welcome to the forum, it is a great resource to start with, and free (go check the Picture Reference section). About reference books, check the volumes published by Bruce and Mike (moderators of this forum, look at the banner) on the second-hand market, Backbone of the Wehrmacht...
  6. Guillaume d'Orange

    "R" Stock Stamp discussed

    Hi Gents, Dave sent me a message about this thread. When I joined the forum, knowing that I'm French, he asked me about the "R": This was my reply: "I don't know who told you that your weapon was used by "French...
  7. Guillaume d'Orange

    NOS 1945 Steyr MP44

    Thanks for taking the time, Absolut. To be specific, I was interested in the selector/switch group (pic attached) on the left handside of the frame, with the selector on "Dauerfeuer". I was asking to understand how the magic works. The best animation based on "World of Guns" I've found is this...
  8. Guillaume d'Orange

    NOS 1945 Steyr MP44

    Extremely nice ! :hail: Indiana Jones would say it belongs in a museum (if the museum would not deactivate it!). If you take it apart, can you please show the trigger group ?
  9. Guillaume d'Orange

    1917 Et. Continsouza Berthier Carbine

    Well preserved Berthier with a receiver from the uncommon maker Constinsouza. :happy0180: The fact it is a Beutewaffen adds some cool ! Some parts of Berthier mousquetons were made by subcontractors (just like K98k !). The CW on the triggerguard points out to Chenard & Walker, for example ...
  10. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    Hi Gents, I'm glad you liked the pictures. bigwagon, the one you probably missed is number 240. It is located in Musée de l'Ordre de Libération within the Invalides compound (this separate museum has been closed for 4 years and reopened late 2015). The FG42 there has its own glass case and is...
  11. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    Number 2351
  12. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    The "Musée de l'Armée" reopened and I realized there are 4 FG42s on display there (one is in the "Musée de l'Ordre de la Libération"). I've never seen an FG42 before and was stunned to see how compact this thing is (some 16cm shorter than a 98k) ! Unsurprisingly, the 4 of them were...
  13. Guillaume d'Orange


    Please delete thread
  14. Guillaume d'Orange

    Soldbuch - from cadet to Rgt CO

    Thanks Peter, O. Gerhardi was a survivor of Army Group Center : any detail about his third wound ? It is funny that he bought his own pistol in 1942. I guess BWF stands for Böhmische Waffenfabrik and his pistol was a vz 27 ?
  15. Guillaume d'Orange

    Turd alert

    Turd comforting meme (Salvator Mundi series)
  16. Guillaume d'Orange

    S/243 1937 #3797 g block

    Hi Jory, thank you very much for the detailed pics, that's obviously a textbook rifle (transition from e/211 to e/280) ! :thumbsup: Looking at p.399, there's a 1938 with a e/63 locking screw, so yes, the e/63 screws are/were the original parts. Funny thing: the datasheet p.408 does not mention...
  17. Guillaume d'Orange

    From France to the USSR with the 23. Infanterie Division (color footage)

    Thanks Hambone ! Glad to hear that. I had some fun identifying places I know (especially Minsk!) and imagining these guys were there too. If I can relate this to K98ks, as this division was part of the 40 "peacetime" divisions of the 1st "Aufstellungswelle" (around 500,000 soldiers), they might...
  18. Guillaume d'Orange

    Barrel ring marking 'stupid' question.

    Hi GeeRam, I asked a question about the marking months ago :

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