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  1. Cav Trooper 19D

    Turd Alert - 98k byf 43 9159 b on Gunbonker

    A new NR bidder who just joined GB yesterday is as Heavy_Mech would say..."priming the pump."
  2. Cav Trooper 19D

    Second thoughts/opinions on dot 43

    So it's not a complete scumbag push by CA this time?!
  3. Cav Trooper 19D

    How to identify a fake SS Mauser?

    $5,595.00?! Is this another example of deep pockets, shallow brains? Even if I had the cash to blow on a $6k K98K, SS or not, it wouldn't be this one.
  4. Cav Trooper 19D

    Byf 42 from Ethiopia

    I bet a hand select isn't better when ones got Ray Charles in the back choosing what goes out as fair to good condition.
  5. Cav Trooper 19D

    Awaiting GB listings from Poulin auction

    He probably needed to make some NR accounts since he lost big on the JP Sauer...can't let that happen again, 😂. Need to boost those numbers with shill bids.
  6. Cav Trooper 19D

    Awaiting GB listings from Poulin auction

    Geese hunter is top bidder I see. That guy has bought so many K98ks especially off of grey blanket whether good or bad. Now I see he found CWA. Can't be a forum member. That guy has some deep pockets it seems.
  7. Cav Trooper 19D

    looking to possibly purchase this but cant decide if its worth it or the condition is ok for the price

    That can be leverage in itself. It's not exactly flying out the door if it's been there for awhile. It's def a bit high for what it is and what can be bought for their asking price.
  8. Cav Trooper 19D


    I notice your comment back in 2012 it being a grail gun for you and now you aquire this exact one sometime along the way. That's actually really cool when i see this happen. Thanks for share update. It's nice nothing has changed on it (I would expect only the best stewardship from you anyways 👍)...
  9. Cav Trooper 19D

    S/147K On GB, thoughts?

    I was watching it and talking with a senior member too. It's a Magdeburg depot stamp
  10. Cav Trooper 19D

    "Expert" Jerry discusses K98 sniper rifles. Oh God...

    Just a minute 1:15 seconds in he flags the host with the muzzle...thank you expert. I guess that's what ones supposed to do since he's the expert.
  11. Cav Trooper 19D

    How to touch up the stock, Waa77 walnut

    Def nice for $55! Like Grimlin stated, Looks good as is. Is that two nail/staple type holes in the sling keeper recess on the right side? I have been seeing that more and more recently on stocks.
  12. Cav Trooper 19D

    Gunbroker dot44 turd

    Photo #6 looks like someone got a Harbor Freight numbers punch set for Christmas and really wanted to use it
  13. Cav Trooper 19D

    Humper K98k dou 44 5506 Thanks! Look where i found it for sale for $2800! A whole new seller, Collectors Firearms.
  14. Cav Trooper 19D

    The rack is retired

    To Bruce! As the Irish say...Erin go bra-less...or something like that 😉
  15. Cav Trooper 19D

    Thoughts on this 660 1939

    It could period blood and then again could be period blood, rofl! Double entendre indeed and f*cking hilarious at that 😂
  16. Cav Trooper 19D

    “Winner” of a Torn Up Pooter (Pun intended)

    Right, lol! Looks like it may not have made either suffix onto the Right, lol! Is there even supposed to be a second serial number on the barrel?...because they went the extra mile with that it seems.
  17. Cav Trooper 19D

    Battlefield Pickup - K98k Rifle!

    Good shooting Robski. Saw it originally from my notifications when it dropped. 8mm Mauser doesn't f*CK around, lol! Hard hitting round, if anyone couldn't tell just from the video.
  18. Cav Trooper 19D

    “Winner” of a Torn Up Pooter (Pun intended)

    Says some are too large so some are shrunk pretty well to fit. dou 43 8618o on receiver/ 8618i on bolt handle

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