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    Sight Hood?

    Zeppelin, that is brilliant. I was thinking along those lines but kept coming back to para cord at fixed anchor points, too contrived, a dead end. The clamp/puller changes everything.
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    Sight Hood?

    A little electrical tape on the pliers prevents scuffing the finish, and might also prevent slippage while installing.
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    Movie GOLDFINGER and K98s

    If you're a fan of The Andy Griffith show, watch the gun rack in the sheriffs office. The guns in the rack change from time to time, and once in a while there appears to be a k98k in there.
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    Good source for German K98 parts

    Just another two thumbs up for mowzerluvr.
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    trader feedback

    I posted (positive) feedback for a transaction with Mowzerluvr but its not showing anywhere?
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    Any Advice Extremely Appreciated

    Third photo, on the barrel, about four O' clock to the SN, half of it is engulfed in rust.
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    Do you still have your first nice k98?

    I still have both my first one and my first really nice one. First one; a BCD 43 bring back that had been sporterized. It was on a table at a show and I hemmed and hawed about it. The seller was local and I ended up calling him a few weeks later, he still had it and I brought it home. First...
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    Current Amoskeag auction

    Does anyone know if they actually let people in to inspect and bid at this auction? I used to go to these just for the learning experience and entertainment. Then they shut down the hall to on site bidding due to Covid. Phone bidding was always a thing, but when they introduced online...
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    Mauser in 7.62 or 308

    Another option might be a Spanish FR-7 or FR-8. They don't look it, but under all that modification there is a Mauser receiver.
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    1943 commercial K98k

    Wonderful piece Peter, thanks for sharing.
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    Poulin Antiques - has anyone dealt with them?

    I have yet to buy from them, but having grown dissatisfied with the local house I've been dealing with, recently decided to give them a try and took the long drive to consign a few pieces with them. The story thus far; I was blown away with the reception I received. Warm welcome and on the spot...
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    I hope I did this correctly. A man walked into the repair shop were I work, handed me a picture frame and said "here, I know your into this crap".
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    P-38 safety question

    Friend of mine grew up there. He lives in Athol now. I'm sure we've passed in the aisles at the shows, I'm in Hampton NH. Again thanks for your help. Definitely a shooter. Finish is rough. And thank you for your help.
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    P-38 safety question

    Thanks Daltrey, he took it to a shop to have a professional put it back together, ha! I'll pass the information on to him. Maybe the "pins" will turn up. As I said, I don't know anything about these but given a diagram I bet I could put it right. In my line of work I quite frequently am given...
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    P-38 safety question

    I don't know anything about P-38's. A friend who knows even less came by yesterday to ask about his. He's in his late 60's, gun is an AC 40 handed down from his Dad, who took it apart so any kid playing with it wouldn't hurt anybody. The problem being the unloaded gun will "fire" with the...
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    You're in the right place. We'd love to see it. One caution though, if this weapon is in an active auction, DO NOT post a link to that auction.
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    My First Gew 88/05

    Late to the party as usual, but, I picked one up a few years ago, matching but Turked. I had a box of 60's vintage Remington laying around and went to the range. I can confirm what the seller told me, they are tack drivers.
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    Experience With Local Gun Shows?

    Mr. Brown knew how to do it; get a table, set up a fine display, know what you have and be ready to answer the questions. The treasures will come to you. I would go to the NH shows just to see what he had on display and hang around with him. Since his passing, the quality of the shows has...
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    What was your first 98k in your collection

    First, along came a sporterized BCD43 bring back. Searching for the missing parts to return it to original, if not matching configuration was an education. About a year later, at another show I saw this BCD43, all matching, on a table. Our friend Wapruf2 was there, and I asked him his...
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    G40k at upcoming RIA

    If it were purchased privately in the EU, by say, a diplomat or serviceman, and then brought home to the states, would it still need to have an import mark?

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