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    Should I shoot my K98 (Moved from Intro Forum)

    My second k98 is also a very good condition late 44 (byf) all matching. I took it out and shot it and afterwards saw wear lines on the bolt that were not there before. I decided to set this one aside and shoot my more worn k98 when I felt the need. Above average condition firearms will maintain...
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    A very sad photo

    I spy with my little eye perhaps a g43 at the very top, end of the barrel sticking out.
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    BCD43 stock stamp

    Thats what I needed! I can make out a faint C and below that what must be the waffenampt, but it is too worn to make out. Can only tell it probably was there. Thanks Bob!
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    BNZ 41 Kriegsmarine

    I just had problems loading pics. Try posting all the text first and save, then go back using edit to add pics.
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    BCD43 stock stamp

    Ive had this rifle for a few years, its all matching except for floor plate and follower (both unnumbered). My only reference book is Backbone of the Wehrmacht and I know from reading this forum its not the best or just out of date. My question is on the stock, which has matching serial...
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    Boredom killer thread, post you favourite rifle. The absolute last you’d sell.

    My favorite, Gew 98 s42. All matching down to the screws and Imperial, Weimar and Nazi stamped. Best shooter too.
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    Thanks for your evaluation. It makes sense to me, being messed with and all.
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    How much would this incorrect barrel band devalue this rifle? I dont think finding a correct band would help, there was alteration to the stock that would be visible.
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    Thanks everybody for the information, this is something I knew little about.
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    So got it out of the stock, it matches but it is pretty obvious the “work” done to force on the bayo lug. Is this still a desireable rifle? Does the sling add much?
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    Thats a scratch btween the 0 and the 6.
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    So is there a legit variation of this rifle with the bayo lug?
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    So Im looking for more info on this rifle that I will probably sell. I found out that the slings are hard to find and the front band with the bayo lug is uncommon. Also read some references that the ones with the bayo lug are sometimes faked. I posted a few pics and will get more when I take the...
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    The dingiest/dangiest byf 45?

    My byf45 is nowhere as rough,this looks more like late Arisaka rifles. Very cool.
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    Late Phosphate Radom

    There are some of the b stamped holsters with the mag pouch wide enough for the browning magazine. It is a known variation.
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    Late Phosphate Radom

    Nice late vis! I recently upgraded my very worn 3 lever with another with nice strong blue finish. Question on the mag pouch on the holster, does it seem too big for the vis magazine? I have 2 bnz holsters, one came with the vis and is marked p35 p and one that came with my browning high power...
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    Jhv 41

    Thought I would show mine, very close in serial number. One of my favorites.
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    Erfurt 1902 Pickup

    Thanks for the info, will try it soon.
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    Erfurt 1902 Pickup

    I have a V.C. schilling g98 that looks like the disk was flipped to the blank side. What kind of tool would I use to remove and check it?
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    Gew 98 s42

    This stamp is really faint and I hope you have better luck making it out. Also the bayonet pic.

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