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    Germanized Greek

    Picked this up....
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    Original Waffen SS Panzer Uniform

    This uniform is 100% real, right down to the brown diensthemd and black tie / purchased from Turk rag pickers in Germany 1981. Some Waffen SS units issued cuff titles as a matter of course. Others required that you prove yourself as a worthy soldier, and comrade, before you received the...
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    3 Of My Original SS Tunics

    Purchased over 30 years ago in Germany when I was stationed at Kirchgoens with the 3rd Armored Division. Note tunic in the middle is a Heer style tunic. Heer style tunics that went to the SS, DO NOT EVER have a Heer depot stamp, because they never went to a Heer depot for issue. And yes...
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    Waffen SS Whatzit

    As most of you know the Waffen SS used a Summer weight 4 pocket uniform, based on the Italian Sahariana jacket. There are 2 variations of this jacket known to be SS. Here is an oddity. This jacket that I am going to show you came from the estate of an American serviceman stationed in Italy...
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    From The Good Old Days

    Waffen SS DOT Pattern Panzer Uniform Original wrap and trousers bought in Frankfurt Germany at flea market in 1981, from a Turk rag picker, for 200 marks [ about $90.00 at that time]. Damn near stone mint..... Note the 5 colors used and texture of the herringbone pattern material.
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    Waffen SS Dot Pattern On Mannequin

    A Normandy Themed Set Up
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    Waffen SS Assault Gunners Uniform

    All Original Finally.....
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    SMG FG42 Type 1 Latest Toy

    SMGs Scope and Mount For Type 1 FG42 Rick, IMHO, has outdone himself on this ....... Received mine today.....
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    Serious Queation

    What is a Czech Military G43 mount and scope worth today, in good shape ??????
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    LATEST NEWS Darrin Weaver's G43 Book Update

    Books are in & available
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    From Darrin Weaver about his new G43 book

    Dave, I still can't log on. I want to go in and answer some of these concerns but it won't accept my user name and password combinations I could recall. Again, it's prob associated with my old email. Would you please update the forum members, that even with COVID and this pending hurricane...
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    Turd Reich vk98

    Sooooooooo Rare !!!!!!!!! Do Not Hold Me Back !!!!!!! ONLY ONE, SUPER RARE TURD REICH ARTIFACT CAME BACK !!!!!! German. Mauser. K.98k VG1. "svw 45" Chamber Marked. Serial number 4339'b'. 7,92 (8mm Mauser). A Very Scarce K.98k Variation made in the...
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    Late War Pieces

    Bottom of the ninth inning in Germany. The Primitive Weapons Program begins to bear fruit !!!!
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    A True Polished Turd with the NEW POLISHED TURD PRICE.... IT CAN BE YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Type 1 SMG Starts Shipping Tomorrow

    Rick says the wait is over / First rifles leave via FedEx in the morning / Yes, I am getting one of the 1st out the shop doors.
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    Weaver's Book Update

    Looks like October Release
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    Germanized Greek Mauser

    Picked up this week.....
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    GF42 Type 1 Heads Up

    Type 1 FG42 Heads Up Just received this from Rick at SMG.... Finally there, just a few weeks away, and time to call for money. Expected delivery is by the end of this month. I have waited until everything was looking good and we had shot a rifle built of all production parts and it looks /...

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