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    BCD43 stock stamp

    Ive had this rifle for a few years, its all matching except for floor plate and follower (both unnumbered). My only reference book is Backbone of the Wehrmacht and I know from reading this forum its not the best or just out of date. My question is on the stock, which has matching serial...
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    Mauser dsm with bayo lug

    So Im looking for more info on this rifle that I will probably sell. I found out that the slings are hard to find and the front band with the bayo lug is uncommon. Also read some references that the ones with the bayo lug are sometimes faked. I posted a few pics and will get more when I take the...
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    Gew 98 s42

    Ive had this Mauser Orbendorf for a few years and have learned alot about them on this forum and saw a matching example is hard to find, so I wanted to show mine. 1917 made and matching down to the screws, only the top handgaurd having no numbers. Duffle cut and poorly repaired as I found out...

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