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  1. Pisgah

    Behorden pistol

    Maybe $300-400 in the condition you state. Perhaps more if you are understating it.
  2. Pisgah


    The "nub" side of the recoil lug should not have holes for the spanner wrench. Only one side of this part should be removable.
  3. Pisgah


    I don't think so. The one in your link doesn't look right. Take a look at the fourth photo in the link I am attaching:
  4. Pisgah


    Mr. Farb and I are both telling you the same thing. You need the later type crossbolt with the button weld.
  5. Pisgah

    byf 44 auction purchase

    It has been postwar renumbered (including the bands) and its Nazi firing proofs have been denazified. The bolt body was probably added because it is close enough to the rifle's serial number that many would not notice it was mismatched. I hope it has a nice bore because it does not have much...
  6. Pisgah

    byf 44 auction purchase

    The rifle was denazified postwar. Notice how the firing proofs have each been hit with three strikes. Also, the bolt body is mismatched too. The serial number on the buttplate was added postwar. The Germans weren't numbering Kar.98k buttplates in 1944. The triggerguard and floorplate were also...
  7. Pisgah


    What did I miss? What was your clue? I see that it is white glue and standard stock but his photos don't show much more.
  8. Pisgah


    You are looking for a "riveted" unmarked type crossbolt. Look at the example byf 44 L block in my link:
  9. Pisgah

    Weihrach .22 Trainer. Factory or Bubba?

    Empire Arms. He had this one for a while due to someone cutting off the fore end. It would have originally been in the same configuration as any other DSM-34.
  10. Pisgah

    Need Help with DOT 1944 Action

    It is not contraband or illegal. It can be legally transferred to any valid FFL. There is no situation. There are older rifles with no serial numbers (at all) and they can be legally transferred also. The dealer records what the type of firearm is, the caliber, who manufactured it, and simply...
  11. Pisgah

    The rarest 1941 Steyr you ever did see....

    The über-rare wartime Steyr M48. Definitely not something that one encounters very often. I like it too. That's a bold humper move and really makes a statement. The double strike just makes it more appealing. I wonder how many war eagles it has. If I knew for sure that it was a bnz 41 M48A model...
  12. Pisgah

    Was this our Caesar?

    Congratulations! I like the rifle at this price. svwMB can be a tough code to find.
  13. Pisgah

    the postwar Czech C stock

    I previously had a Post-war Czech 98k with an unnumbered laminated FLAT butt plate C stock.
  14. Pisgah

    der Eden Kinderwagen

    No Gustloff collection could ever be complete without an example.
  15. Pisgah

    Odd (to me) K98 sight hood?

    It is a front sight protector from a Vz-24.
  16. Pisgah

    Turd of Turds - AX/AR41 - "Crapastic rendering" and more dealer remarketing

    I believe this. And he briefly saved 1Zero from farting blood bubbles. But in 1Zero's defense, I think he will get himself back on track and bid himself into farting blood bubbles very, very soon. It would seem that he still has at least $4,600 in available funds he didn't drop on this...
  17. Pisgah

    Turd of Turds - AX/AR41 - "Crapastic rendering" and more dealer remarketing

    Perhaps they are busy, or with the holiday haven't realized what happened yet. They will figure it out soon.
  18. Pisgah

    Turd of Turds - AX/AR41 - "Crapastic rendering" and more dealer remarketing

    You and I wondered about his additional activities at the same time.
  19. Pisgah

    Turd of Turds - AX/AR41 - "Crapastic rendering" and more dealer remarketing

    Henry002 has been busy spreading holiday cheer. He is now F(11).
  20. Pisgah

    Turd of Turds - AX/AR41 - "Crapastic rendering" and more dealer remarketing

    Winning bidder (Henry002) isn't NR any longer. He is now F(1), but negative feedback received on a different auction. He did 1Zero a favor because I'm guessing that 1Zero was a real bidder.

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