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  1. Warrior1354

    Factory Production of the Gewehr 98

    I have some production number totals I have been keeping track of I'll have to check the record books.
  2. Warrior1354

    Looking for information and value

    Hey now what about that old magic rock you had years ago. You know the magic rock you tripped on walking down the road? It actually told you exactly what your items were worth, and all the history on them. Whatever happened to that rock by chance!
  3. Warrior1354

    Looking for information and value

    One thing I did kind of laugh about reading the paperwork is it never mentioned a year when these rifles were received. It just said in January. And they were being sent back to Steyr? Alright, but what facility. I mean that was just the company they had more than one Factory or facility. Plus...
  4. Warrior1354

    Looking for information and value

    I can tell you this that letter about this sounds like a bunch of hyperbole to upsell a rifle. This is a Russian capture k98k, the stock has been chemically cleaned, total mismatched. For one rune rifles didn't start till 1943. Not to mention this one has been Army inspected by the top receiver...
  5. Warrior1354

    Looking for information and value

    I want to ask you a serious question. This certificate of authenticity says this rifle is worth between $4,000 and $8,000 did you pay that price tag for this rifle?
  6. Warrior1354

    Real or fake ZF4 mount?

    Very bad fake
  7. Warrior1354

    L Block BYF44

    Very nice Marc, and congrats buddy!
  8. Warrior1354

    DEW FG42 Clone?

    For only the low price of $125,000 it could be yours!
  9. Warrior1354

    bcd 4, SN 9762 - May buy, new to K98

    Look at the recess cut for the bolt handle in the stock, as well as the bolt takedown disc? Take a close look at the corners look how smooth they are. They're not sharp, especially for a rifle being made this late. Plus when you look closely at late war made k98k rifles. These stocks are usually...
  10. Warrior1354

    bcd 4, SN 9762 - May buy, new to K98

    For $4,500 that better be the scarce Gustloff bcd4 using a MG15 barrel! Especially for this rifle. That stock has been sanded, and it has been chemically cleaned by something. For those types of issues present this rifle is about $3,000 over what it should be priced at. In the collecting world...
  11. Warrior1354

    M71 Converted Chassepot Carbine

    No they are not, and I want a Chassepot Kar71 back in my collection! A really good friend of mine has my previous one. But, I got an awesome Danzig 1913 Kar98a unit marked carbine out of him for it. That carbine was a hard one to let go, but I'm very happy he got it. I'll get one back someday...
  12. Warrior1354

    VC Schilling Kar 88 1890

    Wonderful carbine, and love those tiger strips on that stock. Thank you for sharing Bob.
  13. Warrior1354

    K98K byf44 strictly new.

    That was also big in the 1980s from what you told me Hambone. So many k98ks were made pretty. Recently I looked at a collection of k98ks, and you could all tell they were from the 1980s. All the stocks were striped, and bleached probably with oven cleaner. I did see a gorgeous Mauser Banner 1933...
  14. Warrior1354

    K98K byf44 strictly new.

    That to me is not the best way to solve this argument. Not commenting, and just moving along. You say this stock is not untouched, and it's been chemically cleaned. Or cleaned some way or another. All I asked, is if you believe that to be true. Show examples from your own collection to compare...
  15. Warrior1354

    K98K byf44 strictly new.

    You know instead of constantly insulting someone's rifle maybe you can post examples from your own collection to compare your stock to his. But I'll be honest holding enough untouched k98k stocks in my hands over the years. The stock on this byf44 matches consistently with those pieces I have held.
  16. Warrior1354

    Sniper pictures

    I believe the FJ sniper picture was taken during the Battle of Crete. I've seen that picture before it almost looked like a short side rail from a distance.
  17. Warrior1354

    Period Photos of German troops using a Reworked Wz.29 or a G29/40?

    Here you go from my collection of period photographs.
  18. Warrior1354

    Period Pics- Vz.24 and G.24(t) in use

    Here's a couple cool pictures showing the manual of arms with the vz24. This soldier also has the correct bayonet for the vz24 carbine as well.

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