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  1. Pisgah

    unmarked milled floorplates

    I am posting these with questions for a friend.
  2. Pisgah

    Güstrow Depot-marked Walther Sportmodell

    This Walther Sportmodell has a butt plate marked with an eagle/HZaGw marking over what I am guessing is eagle/Gw3. Despite the depot marking I cannot find anything else about the rifle which appears to have been repaired. I added the handguard. I realize it does not match in finish but it was...
  3. Pisgah

    Schmidt DSM-34

    Another DSM. This one is a bit rough but I didn't have any other examples for comparison. As far as I can tell, the bolt is in the white and has no markings. I gave up on trying to use my Nikon for now. These photos were taken with a cell phone.
  4. Pisgah

    Italian contract rifle

    This is a recent pickup from a local shop. I am not a Japanese collector. I do not know much about Japanese stuff, but had been interested in a Japanese Type I rifle because it goes with my small collection of Carcanos. About 25 years ago I had purchased one but took it back to the dealer when I...
  5. Pisgah

    Mint condition dot 1944 ( 3219 af )

    TURD ALERT I noticed this while searching on GunBroker today: It appears to be a matching barreled action tucked in a previously self-matching ex-Norwegian Sauer stock with renumbered bands. It has reproduction sight hood, reproduction sling, and a...
  6. Pisgah

    Turd Alert: Portuguese 937A E2540 renumbered bolt

    Seems to be a lot of renumbered bolts lately. Again, I doubt this would fool too many here but maybe it will keep someone who visits from making a mistake. ***** Damn. Same one as before...
  7. Pisgah

    renumbered byf 44

    Mediocre attempt at renumbering a 98k, but it may fool someone: Seller is VantageSportsSales in Pompano Beach, FL. Whoever did it used a bolt with an E/140 bolt body. I think the stock is a lightly sanded and renumbered RC stock.
  8. Pisgah

    The other Portuguese Mauser

    I was a beginning Mauser collector back in the mid 1990's. I started out visiting gun shops, gun shows, and reading SGN. My first few purchases were a dot 1944, a byf 44, and a Hansen-imported Portuguese 1941. Somewhere in that time period, someone suggested joining the Karabiner Collector's...
  9. Pisgah

    German rebuilt elm Vz-24

    Lots of numbered parts. German blued bolt. I don't know what the extra markings mean above the serial number on the left of the buttstock. I did notice the letter "P" on many of the parts and am not sure of the significance.
  10. Pisgah

    Renumbered bolt Portuguese on GB E2540

    This should be obvious to most here but it may help someone. Seller is 1965ND from Casa Grande, AZ. Seller's description: "Here is a complete K-98 made by Mauser for Portugal dated 1937 .It is complete down to the sling swivels for the alternate...
  11. Pisgah

    1941 Izhevsk 91/30

    So, there are no German markings or signs of German rebuild on this rifle. However, it is all stamped matching with no sign of postwar rebuild. I am assuming it is a bringback, but it could have come back from WW2, Korea, or Vietnam. I think it most likely came to the US with a GI following WW2...
  12. Pisgah

    bnz 44 p block

    I haven't had time to post any rifles in a while. Had a day off from work, some rare sunshine, and warmer weather so am sharing photos of a transitional Steyr from late 1944.
  13. Pisgah

    Turd alert--front sight hood

    I'm at work and have too much time on my hands this evening. I will post this one. It may be helpful for our more junior members and has some good entertainment value for our more experienced members. I can't believe someone went this far. In case anyone does not know what is wrong or why it...
  14. Pisgah

    Early G.24(t)

    An "a" block dou. 41 G.24(t). Earlier rifles can be found with blank receiver rings. This one is early enough that a modified Vz-24 stock was used.
  15. Pisgah

    Portuguese navy 98k

    Doing data sheets for Bruce and Mike forced me to retrieve a rifle from storage. While doing that I also pulled this one out. I have posted photos of it before but previously had used a cheaper camera and had taken the pictures indoors. There were a few rays of daylight when I finished work...
  16. Pisgah

    jhv 44 L block G98/40

    Crisp example with original sling in similar condition.
  17. Pisgah

    1934 C series Mauser Banner

    Pretty close to Bruce's rifle in serial number (C3180 versus C3156). It has a bad duffle cut that appears to have been fairly well repaired. It has a mismatched handguard which is close in serial number (3190). Link to Bruce's C series Banner thread for comparison...
  18. Pisgah

    Walther Sportmodell HJ Ehrenpreis

    Ehrenpreis der Waffenstadt Zella-Mehlis für die Gebietsmeisterschaft der HJ 1943 in Zella-Mehlis Prize of the weapon city Zella-Mehlis for the regional championship of the Hitler Youth 1943 in Zella-Mehlis
  19. Pisgah

    Wartime Suhl commercial Wehrmanngewehr

    Interesting to me because of its wartime commercial proofing of May, 1942 along with the Innsbruck Landesschiessen sticker signifying use at the 1943 competition. The bolt body is unnumbered but appears to have been matched to the barreled receiver based on its proofing. Other than the barrel...

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