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    Period photo

    Attached photo shows two officers from Bavarian Reserve Infanterie Regiment No. 2. Some interesting rifle/sniper related details/items are shown. Let's see if you Imperial collectors find them. :ban:
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    Karabinerriemen dated 1928 K98b?

    Would like to hear your opinions about that sling. It seems exactly like a K98/K98A sling, but it is 8cm longer. Not stretched. Width and thickness is according to regulations. Any other slings with a length of about 144 cm out there? Thanks
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    Gew.98 V.Chr.Schilling 1917

    For the researchers here: A bolt m/m Schilling 1917 missing one TG screw and the rod. Receiver, butt plate and the rear part of the TG are badly rusted. Due to the badly rusted TG screw, I can not get it out of the stock. Maybe one day. Thanks
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    German gravity knife with phenolic resin grips

    Hope you like what you see, because you likely won't see another one in the near future. Less than a handful are known. One was shown here: Thanks
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    SCAM alert

    If you search German/European auction sites, be careful! The seller (from Germany!??) suddenly wanted payment to Portugal....... because he is on vacation there ......!:facepalm: This guy (from...
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    Walther PPK Party Leader Holster, original or fake

    Hello, have tracked down a Party Leader PPK holster. Looks good, but I do not like the white stitching. The Walther/PPK ink stamp is very faint. Seller is asking $700. Your thoughts please. Thanks
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    LT bmj Dialytan #69190

    Hello, this ugly piece arrived this morning. According to the seller, it was found right after the war on a farm near Utrecht (Netherlands). serial# 69190 rifle# 14673 i => late 1943 Mauser What are your thoughts about the paint? Original or ........? Neither scope nor rings bear any signs of...
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    Different!! muzzle cover

    I'm trying to identify this muzzle cover. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've seen a similar muzzle cap on a German 37mm anti tank gun. What is the diameter near the muzzle of a 37mm anti tank gun? total length (with reflector) 300 mm diameter: ca 70 mm Thanks Wolfgang
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    German WWI sniper death card research

    I recently got an interesting WWI death card showing a Wuerttemberg soldier with his sniper rifle. With the help of some fellow collector over here, who found his military files in the state archive, I now can tell you quite a bit about his short life. Georg Schmid has been born on April 22nd...
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    unknown scope bases

    Hello, for decades I have two sets of strange scope? bases. I always was in the hope that I might find the correct rings. But no luck so far. :googlie Both sets nicely fit a large ring Mod.98 receiver. Has anybody out there seen scope rings (or anything else) that might fit these bases? Thanks
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    byf44 HT sniper rifle

    Well, I only have two WWII "sniper" rifles in my collection. A duv42 ZF41 and this one. I was in the impression that I showed it earlier, but can't find it. Hope you like what you see. Thanks Wolfgang
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    early Police ammo pouch

    Finally!!! :happy0180: Police ammo pouches in good condition are tough to find. Nicely marked with "Po." for police and "S. P." for Schutzpolizei Potsdam. Made by: Jul. Richter Nachf. Militäreffekten Dresden. They produced Luger holsters during WWI. Judging from the metal fittings, it most...
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    ZFG42 thoughts

    Hello, some thoughts about the ZFG42/FG42 combination. From the very first day I saw the ZFG42 in Peter Senich's book „The German Sniper 1914 – 1945“, I did not like the idea that this scope was developed for the FG42. Why? Simply because it is marked with a Fl.number (Fl 52973). The FG42 does...
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    Sad Paul Weyersberg police bayonet

    Hello, this bayonet was cheap enough to buy it although it is reworked, reblued, renumbered, re-everything. Probably a yugo capture. Since the screws are frozen, I can not get off the flashguard to have a close look at the stamps beneath. Is that marked stamp an additional police stamp or...
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    rifle rest

    Nothing extraordinary, but a nice find. WWII rifle rest from a shooting range.
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    Police marked Gewehr 98 sling

    Got this one dirt cheap out of ebay recently. Unit Stamp looks like: P.S.S. 33 Any idea what Police school? Not maker marked. Thanks and enjoy.
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    ammo pouch M/87 for Gewehr 71/84

    After the introduction of the Gewehr 71/84 it took them three years to introduce a new ammo pouch for the rifle. For 30 rounds 11x60 M/71 ammo. Many M74 pouches, made from other obsolete pouches where modified into M/87 pouches.
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    ammo pouch M/74 for Gewehr 71

    They come either with white or black belt loops, depending on the color of the other leather equipment of the Regiment. For 20 rounds 11x60 M71 ammo.
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    ammo pouches Gewehr 88

    Some shots showing the typical ammo pouches for G/K 88 Pattern M/88
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    FJ helmet period photo

    Close-up from a photo I recently got. Please note that the tip of the eagle's left wing is flaking. Thanks PS: interestingly he had an extra helmet for parade...

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