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  1. Loewe

    Gewehr 98m or Kar 98b stock?

    *** Heye (Seeckt successor) stated in 1927 to the government that although the Army had access to 350,000 rifles (clandestine inventory, I assume in excess to the authorized holdings); 12,000 MG's (light & heavy), 400 trench mortars and 600 artillery pieces (along with plentiful vehicles and...
  2. Loewe

    Dresden Sterngewehre Serial Numbers

    I will see if I can flesh out these observations, though I think you should include RR & BC whenever possible. I will try to do this in a trends sheet...
  3. Loewe

    Another Gew-88

    I think it was about ten years ago, like most Eastern European collectors or participants they can be touchy their culture and great (famous) people, historical past, leaders, soldiers and philosophers or inventors.... he started off with some good insights to a Serbian arms inventor or such, as...
  4. Loewe

    Gewehr 98m or Kar 98b stock?

    Nothing like "sneak rifles" to garner a reply! No such thing of course, after 1927 there was no oversite of any kind, with small arms anyway, some inspections occurred in narrow fields. fortifications in particular, but even then they were reviewing work Germans had already conducted... really...
  5. Loewe

    Another Gew-88

    I agree that most older books are problematic, though most have some merit for their historical context (Storz especially) or being brave enough to stick it out there with limited means to form a foundation for their speculation... and it is all largely speculation as we are speculating based...
  6. Loewe

    1918 Erfurt Kar 98

    Kar.98a can be a field all their own, lots of variables, - across the whole 1907-1945 spectrum - interwar-republic era alone could keep you quite busy and in a dire storage shortage! Even the high production runs of 1917-1918 can keep your wallet stressed...
  7. Loewe

    Another Gew-88

    While I think Ernie is often unnecessarily confrontational and even rude (at times), I tend to look the other way (compared to an equally "rude" ignoramus) because he does provide a special insight (practical application and a technical-mechanical view to these complicated rifles, often with a...
  8. Loewe

    Well-traveled 1902 WMO Württembergische Gew98 with cool depot work

    When we (I) make assessments (observations or trends) based upon a couple rifles it leaves a lot credibility on the table.... there are 7 observations of WMO/02, of these only one shows the barrel in detail (and most of these 7 show very little, one is Polish reworked, a couple are little more...
  9. Loewe

    Well-traveled 1902 WMO Württembergische Gew98 with cool depot work

    The unit marked is most interesting, it screams Wurttemberg; this is near the high (6000/a) but the RR is also very interesting as it deviates from the first block range (C/D x3) and this C/X is consistent with a-blocks, but the only other a-blocks also carries Erfurt style f/p and a similar...
  10. Loewe

    Danzig Mauser Model 1871

    I agree, nice example, fairly scarce maker and added it to the trends only three 1879's recorded and follows the pattern of n=o blocks which suggest year to year no roll over on suffix, - as Chris stated fairly elusive maker-date!
  11. Loewe

    Another 98b photograph

    The dudes have dirty eagles so after 1933, not sure when the Heer was stigmatized by its introduction, but it looks early.
  12. Loewe

    1917 Hannover "H" Spandau "a" block, matching

    Very fine example, - and as said a bolt matcher is really something, not sure many exist and those that may are rarely this documented... BTW, a-blocks are fairly rare, only a couple known, (after the g-block they are very rare...) 1416/a and 2279/a (KR. 274) the other one is 9479/a but a SCW...
  13. Loewe

    Remake of Classic All Quiet on The Western Front

    I agree entirely with Dave, war is a cancer on mankind and nothing good comes from it, - the end result of these wars should be the execution of those that caused them, - World War I was one of the greatest crimes in history, the most guilty were French, Russian and Eastern European politicians...
  14. Loewe

    1914 WMO "h" Block Screamer

    It's a screamer 1914/WMO!
  15. Loewe

    Danzig 1902, h block

    Thanks! I checked Carter (and trends so far collected by me) and as far as bayonets (Sg98) there was little coordination between the 37th & 69th , different AK so far as such superficial observations provide. However, most of the "grouping" or trends, where patterns seem to exist, relate to 98a...
  16. Loewe

    Danzig 1902, h block

    Thanks for getting this to us English impaired collectors! I will add it to trends but this unit identification is unique so far. the 37 IR is in the range, but I will have to see if these were in the same unit disposition (same Korp sp?) Carter is fastest reference which in not handy at the...
  17. Loewe

    CB’s 1899 DWM Navy Gewehr 98

    Yes, those days are gone for the most part, though I have heard Mike and other members here have similar dinners, - I only had one when at Hartford, Peter Kuck, John Wall, Jack Carnahan and a few others, but I was the new guy then. Not sure if Bob Ball was there, maybe, there were 6-7 old farts...
  18. Loewe

    Unidentified K98K bolt ... Kar98a

    Came out of a Erfurt/1917 or 1918, probably the latter because this pattern is strongest in 1918. A comparison of fonts might eliminate doubt (numbers and suffix can often change year to year or even earlier, but with Erfurt 1917-18 the numbers were so vast this is especially true), but this can...
  19. Loewe

    CB’s 1899 DWM Navy Gewehr 98

    Another great shot, - these naval troop shots are especially when they are unstaged or unposed. Doing well, it seems, so far, that my wife is doing well and I hope to have more time for the forum (I was thinking of renting a room at the doctors and hospitals as we were visiting so many, so...
  20. Loewe

    CB’s 1899 DWM Navy Gewehr 98

    I was away this afternoon and early evening but will try tomorrow as I am little eager to add these to trends! The fact that we have known of this rifle for more than 20 years and only now get to see under the hood is especially welcome! I think this rifle was in Bob Ball's book from the...

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