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    "Late war" Krieghoffs

    That collection got ruined by Katrina. It belonged to a former elder in the hobby. They are all spread to the wind again. Will see how collectors can recreate these old collections in the future.
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    Tom's almost got it

    case in point....
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    StG 44: 3xxx aj/45

    My Girl in ATF prison for just a bit longer Enjoy. Picked this up from a friend who got it in 1989 in shotgun news. The ancilliary parts took him years to assemble.Mag pouches are incredible and can post later. He told me it took years to put the bag and small repair parts together. xje
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    Radom P35 VIS mid - late wartime magazine

    Whats is reasonable today for a late war skeleton mag?
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    84/98 crs 45

    Now I see what you all were talking about. Wonder how many 45 crs will show up at SOS this year?

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