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    SS vz. 24 to K98k Rework or a turd?

    Esteemed colleagues, could the rifle in pictures be a real, legitimate SS vz. 24 to K98k rework, or is it just a product of someone's fantasy? Thanks.
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    Standard Modell B-series with renumbered bolt

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have been offered this Standard Modell. It is a B-series rifle built on a scrubbed S/42 1936 receiver. The bolt has been renumbered, the previous number has been scrubbed. However, there are remains of the firing proofs that show that it is also a Standard Modell bolt...
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    Steyr M.95/30 - Austrian 1st Republic

    A new piece has arrived in my collection - a Steyr M.95/30 rifle in calibre 8x56 R M.30. It remains in its original condition as issued by the Austrian Bundesheer in the interwar period, and it still has the somewhat rare front sight protector. According to the markings on the receiver and the...
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    660 1939 - possible depot or factory re-barrel

    Dear friends, I just acquired something I longed for a long time - a 1939 Steyr-made K98 k. As evident from the photos, the rifle has been put into a Yugoslav-reworked stock at some point of its life. However, the rest of the rifle is quite interesting. It seems that it has been depot or...
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    G29ö - some questions

    Dear colleagues, I have a few questions concerning the so-called G29ö: 1) What is the correct German designation of the rifle? G 12/34 or K 12/34? 2) How many were made? 3) Were some of the very first ones made with Colombian crest on receiver (from leftover parts of the Colombian contract)? 4)...

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