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  1. WaA509

    G41 and G43 safe ammo?

    Been looking for the best deal on ammo and found this stuff, does anyone have experience with it in their G41 or G43?
  2. WaA509

    G41(w) replacement springs

    I recently got a G41, unfortunately the magazine spring is pretty beaten down, other than the french vendor (they’re out of stock), is there anyone that makes a replacement G41 magazine spring, or do I just need to watch for it to pop up somewhere? I heard someone used an ak47 mag spring to...
  3. WaA509

    G41 gas system idea

    Here’s a question, there’s an outfit that sells G41 gas pistons and gas tubes, if i were to get them, cerakote the reproduction piston and inside of the reproduction tube, would that increase reliability since cerakote reduces carbon buildup significantly?
  4. WaA509

    Yugo amm with a shooter kit

    I have around 600 rds if Yugo 8mm, and a shooters kit installed on the rifle, would it be safe to shoot or do i need to invest in some romanian steel case or Prvi?
  5. WaA509

    G/K43 Magazines

    Are there any reproduction magazines that function properly with the G43? When I looked years ago, the only reproductions on the market had a lot of issues. I’m trying to get another G43 and get mags so trying to budget and figure out if I need to buy originals or not
  6. WaA509

    98k stock with Gew.98 style sling mount

    The rifle i know is a captured gun, non-peened, no import mark I can find and the stock matches itself. Its a cupped butt plate with a WaA stamp on it, but on the bottom there is a Gew.98 sling mount that is Imperial German stamped and uses brass screws. Is it possible this was a converted...
  7. WaA509

    Interesting Erma (will post pics)

    I recently bought an erma S/27 1938. Barrel is definitely Radom/Steyr with the box around the numbers and the firing proofs are all 77 indicating Radom. The bolt matches itself and a majority of the gun is also matched to itself with no import mark. What could be the tale of this rifle? I have...
  8. WaA509

    G33/40 & G24(t) values

    Looking to add one of each of these to my collection and was curious what a fair price for a shooter of each would look like. I haven’t been in the market for either of these models for about 8 years so I’d love to have some updated pricing info so I can make sure I’m paying a fair price
  9. WaA509

    G43 shooter/reenactor grade average costs now?

    I've been looking for a mismatched or shooter grade G43, but I am seeing prices all over the place and don't want to overpay. Whats the average going rate for a simple shooter/reenactor grade G43 nowadays? I haven't owned one in about 5-6 years so some of these prices just seem insane to me, the...
  10. WaA509

    Steyr Purchase questions

    I just got two Steyr rifles, one is the typical bnz stamped 1941 the other is their 1940 660 code. Either of them have the cleaning. which is the appropriate length for the cleaning rod and flat buttplate stocks would be appropriate for both correct?
  11. WaA509

    Erma emp 35

    I recently acquired an EMP 35 kit and would like to make a blank fire gun out of it (i have already contacted the agencies needed, I work for an SOT, and I have the legal ability to own it in my locality) does anyone have one that I could get specs off of? The bolt is toast and I cannot find ANY...
  12. WaA509


    Hey guys! New to the forums and getting back into collecting and reenacting! Im glad to be here!

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