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    Sniper pictures

    Good thread. Thanks.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Let me join everyone above in wishing God Bless and happy thanksgiving to this wonderful on-line community of experts and collectors.
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    New guy!

    Welcome. Where was dad's shop at? Was he a dealer, gonne-smyth or both?
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    Must Have Books

    Here's the only pair I found but it's expensive. I paid $160 for my pair. Too expensive Try BSG Books in Louisiana or Jackson Street Booksellers in Omaha. Move quick. Both...
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    Must Have Books

    Hitler's Garand by Darrin Weaver is good and if you like it, you'll also like his Rough Forged Vol. 1 & II.
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    Need help Identifying Possible Sniper Scope Mount

    I would have loved to have that. We had to drill and tap receviers for scopes and that would have been perfect.
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    Silver Anti-Partisan Badge by Juncker

    The dagger makes me think of the NKVD/KGB. :D
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    K98 Sniper Clone Thread- All things repro sniper

    Fly cut them on a milling machine. I'd get a micrometer to measure the scope tube first. Measure it at several points, especially the anticipated points where the scope rings will fit onto. Then fly cut the scope rings (clamped together first) to fit. You may want to add a .010" so it's...
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    Forum Fund Drive for 2021-2022 Operating Costs

    No check in the mail. Cash sent to support this most noble forum.
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    New Member from Oregon

    Welcome. Used to be a lot of articles in magazines and a cottage industry that supported home gunsmithing back in the days. Nowadays we have ARs that are assembled like a Lego kit. No challenge.
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    Forum Fund Drive for 2021-2022 Operating Costs

    This website and its members helped me a lot. Please PM me a snail mail address. I don't want PP to get a cut.
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    Forgotten Weapons hate the Spanish M43 sniper rifle

    Ian hates the Spanish M43 sniper rifle. Bad mounts, cheap scope. Dunno, I always thought the Winchester A5/Lyman 5A scopes were among the worse. Reticles can break, small field of view, had to be manually pulled back after use (movement is bad). The 03 Springfield rifle was good though...
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    Oberndorf musket - not a Mauser, technically not from Germany, certainly not Imperial, probably still appropriate for this forum

    Holy crown! That muzzle has more dimples than an orange. New mainspring spring can be made. We were taught that at Trinidad State (Bench Metal). We started with spring steel, bent it to shape, then filed and polished. We couldn't have a single file mark on it after we polished it...
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    Zielvier question

    The knowlwedge on this forum never ceases to amaze me.
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    Busch Rathenow Visar 4 1/2x Soviet Trials Scope

    Does anyone know what year Busch introduced the windage adjustment knob?
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    Zf41 Booklet - "Merkblatt uber den Karabiner 98k - Zf.41" - 1941

    Kentomon - Thank you. PM me your name. I want to acknowledge you in my next book. Somebody please translate it. Then get me your name and you'll be acknowledged too.

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