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  1. Mike2994

    Long Side Rail

    Note this one was sold at RIA 2 years ago. At that time it had its handspring (missing now) and was missing the bayonet lug pin (present now).
  2. Mike2994

    gustloff werke factory document for translation

    Looks like a reply to an engineer requesting documents, transcripts, etc. for a possible position at Gustloff Werke. That being said my translation could very well be wrong.
  3. Mike2994

    Gustloff bcd 4 with MG 15 barrel

    A photo set similar to this would be advised. Along with that make sure to photograph all numbered parts. This info will help us inform you on your rifle.
  4. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    ‘c’ denotes Hermann Menzel. A large supplier for 98k stocks especially to Gustloff.
  5. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    Very nice and interesting example! I appreciate the photos!
  6. Mike2994

    1936 Mauser

    If she still has the other rifles posting photos on the forum and selling them here would be the best way to ensure she doesn’t get ripped off. Taking them to a local shop or auction will get you 50-80% of their value. The members here will give fair valuations of the rifles.
  7. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    I'd love to see photos! It would be interesting to see if most/all of these share some common features like a lack of solder/pinning of the sights.
  8. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    I’ve been told there’s 12 that have been reported counting this one.
  9. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    Thank you! These are assumed to have never left the factory.
  10. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    Very neat, I’d love to see photos of the B/R. It’s interesting that the sights weren’t set, I wonder if any examples have had their sights set/mounted.
  11. Mike2994

    Unserialized Gustloff bcd4

    I've been looking for one of these for a bit and Bruce helped me score this unserialized Gustloff this past weekend. These rifles are believed to be assembled by Gustloff factory workers for the GIs that liberated the factory. This is one of the most interesting variations of late Gustloff...
  12. Mike2994


    Great rifle Dave! The mail home box makes it even more so!
  13. Mike2994

    Hello From a New Member from Vermont

    An extensive photo set would greatly help any identification or valuation of the rifle.
  14. Mike2994

    K98 late war

  15. Mike2994

    Rare hand chiseled BCD/BNZ 4

    Wasn’t this rifle in a Poulin auction a few months ago and then went up on GB? I wasn’t a fan of it then and thought it looked odd. After a chat with a fellow forum member about it, who is more knowledgeable I didn’t like it even more.
  16. Mike2994

    Late Mauser HT 10366n Astrawerke Receiver

    Thank you! I really like the stock on yours! No need to worry about hijacking any threads, I always like to see great rifles posted!
  17. Mike2994

    Late Mauser HT 10366n Astrawerke Receiver

    That’s crazy close! Do you happen to have the matching rifle to that upper?
  18. Mike2994

    on gunbroker

    I just shipped a few long guns. From the info given to me from my guy at UPS the wordage on the new firearms policy aligns with the Federal Gov’t definition of “firearm” meaning you still should be good to ship pre-1899 stuff (which I’ve heard conflicting reports on depending on who you ask)...
  19. Mike2994

    Bad High Turret on GB, Semi-Turd Alert

    Looks like the guy did a “buy it now” so the buyers name won’t show up. The serial is 39101 in case the buyer does an internet search on this rifle during his inspection period.

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