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  1. mauser99


    very nice ..kinda common these days but always a fan favorite !!! The end of the end so to speak...
  2. mauser99

    Looking for some info on 1934 “banner” Mauser

    wow.. that's yummy.. Pre k98k rereferred to as a 1933 banner . They are DR and DRP. So this is a DR German railroad protection rifle. Very scarce and sought after rifle.
  3. mauser99

    Help With 1940 237 Army Or Navy?

    Interesting rifle.. One or more things being asked here.. The safety is E/77 radom spare part no issues there. The orig. probably broke . Maybe German UPS ?? LOL inside joke. :ROFLMAO: Its called DHL The KM connection ; As we can see from other example the Km had a large build up of small...
  4. mauser99

    Matching BYF 44 c block

    Not common to see a knot at the surface like this.. It lifted off and the moisture and drying caused the splitting. Kept stable it wont get any worse.
  5. mauser99

    1940 JP Sauer 147 f block

    lower band the numbers are engraved not stamped. They did a decent job and if the numbers were filled in with paint you'd probably miss it . I had this happen on a bolt to me many years ago. The rest looked ok.. But i didn't get much more further than the lower band.
  6. mauser99

    1942 dou

    dou42's are not easy to find at all... nice grab.
  7. mauser99

    Scope purchase EBay from over seas sellers

    I haven't bought anything from overseas on ebay for some time. 1st/ check the feedback. Second make sure the item isnt fake. Lots off fakes coming out of eastern Europe buyer beware !!
  8. mauser99

    Better pictures of my zf4 set up and questions

    Interesting.. I see what your talking about. One or two things about round edge 214 mounts is they are very rough and almost black in finish.. Unlike walther who's forgings are a little smoother and grey/green phosphate. Looking at photos isn't always the best way to get to the bottom of...
  9. mauser99

    Checkered Sniper Butt Cup for 98k

    Nice to find one loose like that.. Value is whatever someone is willing to pay.. The guy who needs one will pay far more than the one who doesnt..
  10. mauser99

    German kkw

    NICE RIFLE.. Worth twice that Id say.. yes its early enough to have an unnumbered bolt.. bolt numbering started later. also looks to have a KKW marked muzzle cover !!! not common to have that included.
  11. mauser99

    Better pictures of my zf4 set up and questions

    lots of oddities with this rig... I asked him to look at the numbers with a loop to see if they are pantographed correctly or done with a ball dremel.. But, he doesnt have a loop.. Mount is a bit odd and the round edge mount with center bend lever is real odd. The scope cover is presstoff and...
  12. mauser99

    K98 243 Kriegsmarine

    very nice.. Mauser Berlin had a sizable KM contract in 40/41 and some are fleet marked and some are not. The ar41 I had was just marked with N on the disc no ID #
  13. mauser99

    DOU 45 bolt review

    As farb has said.. its actually a dot font in letter and number.. dou's font was totally different
  14. mauser99

    MP40 Pouches

    would be nice to see a but more but they look OK. That set would probably sell in the 1200 $ range IMHO maybe a tad more in Europe. Or alot more. value 500-600 each side. the damage on the one pouch hurts but, having a matching set trumps that damage.
  15. mauser99

    Acceptance proofs or bubbafied S/42 1936

    interesting example... only thing that makes sense is some sort of depot build or repair that would require re-test proofing. As Ryan says goofy looking test proofs do exist and We all the the full KM depot builds that show up. Someone a little more confident came around and didnt hesitate. I...
  16. mauser99

    G43 bcd

    these handguards and the wood HG's were used as ordinance/Armorer spares. So its not wrong or right just not factory installed. BCD never did used durofoil hg's but its a killer rifle non the same..
  17. mauser99

    WWII Stock Blank

    I can tell just by the shape of the sling keeper cutout and the shallow bolt relief cut out this stock is for a JGA whersport Karbine or similar. It an unfinished stock IMHO not the template. As the template wouldn't have the details. those are hand done.. very cool to find something like...
  18. mauser99

    K43 help!

    the photos are super small... but, there is a small window when they were using up the threaded barrels they stopped using early on. Not the first 45 dated rifle ive seen with a threaded barrel..
  19. mauser99

    Questionable Camos

    I have to agree.. Im not a fan the red is off. The green is also off compared to other IE real green and red camo Para's that many abound and were posted..
  20. mauser99

    Luger holster real or repro

    Plus I think that maker and combination of markings never existed. the interior leather is also too rough. Lots of red flags here..

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