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    Ajack scope

    Is this real? My initial reaction is that it is crap. If real what would avalue be?
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    Checkered Sniper Butt Cup for 98k

    These are very desireable and the price reflects it. I would be happy to buy your sniper collection for reasonable prices that would attract new collectors.
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    Acceptance proofs or bubbafied S/42 1936

    I don't think you missed out on anything. Those proofs strike me as bogus. If they were ligit, the same proof should be on the breech block also.
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    CE 44 SWEPT BACK SNIPER W/specially marked zf4 scope..

    The Serial number suffix overlaps with long side rail production. These were produced before Sauer got out of the K98 business and moved on to mp44 production. My best guess would be these were a failed experiment. I am no expert on these and there are people here that know much more about...
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    AJACK K98k Sniper Sporter SOLD on GB for review. BYF SN 53917 i block

    I think having the original matching part that makes a sniper rifle into a sniper rifle is a huge plus. We would all prefer a mint, all matching rifle of course. To each his own.
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    High turret sporter

    This went for more than I thought it would.
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    A little off much to ship a rifle nowadays?

    Unless you are a gun dealer you cannot ship using USPS.
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    hand stamp bnz4 E/359 receiver

    Never mind. I see the E623 proof.
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    hand stamp bnz4 E/359 receiver

    Hello, what makes this steyr production?
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    bcd4 / bnz44 cleaned up

    I am not an expert. What about this rifle other than the steyr barrel makes it a bnz production?
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    Sniper clone, which rifle to pick and what setup to build?

    You don't want this forum to be a reference site for forgers to scam people?
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    Single Claw that sold at auction

    I, on the other hand, would love to own it. Aside from the stock, it is an outstanding example. I find the pristine original scope and matching mount impressive. I have seen very few of these rifles and almost always the scope is missing. As with most things, to each his own.
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    Single Claw that sold at auction

    I think you make a very good point. On that day, at that location, and with the people bidding on it, it was an $11k gun. I think someone did well.
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    Single Claw that sold at auction

    "A little over a third the cost of a perfect example". How much of a deduction does the stock issue take away from the value of a perfect example?
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    High Turret relic

    This remnant of a late Mauser high turret sniper was offered to me. Please share opinions as to what you think the value would be. The bore is reported to be excellent. Unable to load pics so I can only provide a description: Original byf 45 high turret barreled action with both bases removed...
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    Swept back mount

    That setup looks like it is ideal for scope bite.
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    Single Claw that sold at auction

    This looks like it was a nice example. I posted pictures of the matching scope and mount because this was the most rare aspect. Bolt pics added to give a more accurate representation.
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    Pre-WW2 Radom VIS at Gun

    Just looked at listing; "Seller disabled, do not send money. I am guessing this was a scam.

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