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  1. AN-94

    Turkish issued WMO 1918 Gewehr 98?

    I'm no expert but from what I know, Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf began providing the then Ottoman Empire with Gewehr 98 pattern rifles starting in 1916 and continuing on into 1918 as surplus production of the Gewehr 98 for German use. Per Storz, 207,000 were contracted for at a price of 75...
  2. AN-94

    Mitchell’s Mausers

    I've shot my matching K98k before and had a great time with it. I aim to shoot all of my guns at least once, that's what they were made for to begin with and there are some things you'll never understand about them until you've pulled the trigger. Obviously, some things will be shot less than...
  3. AN-94

    1937 BSW I found at Basspro for $400

    That marking looks like the Chinese "sunburst" you find on Standard-Modells though the bolt itself lacks the Crown B and Crown U proofs found on Oberndorf made bolts for Standard-Modells. I would hazard a guess that it's either a Chinese made bolt or a bolt from a Chinese contract K98k.
  4. AN-94

    Prussian Jägerbüchse 1811 UM

    Damn, now that's one of those rifles that most will never even see, much less even know existed. Your collection has got to be museum worthy at this point, would be nice to see a line up of all the Jägerbüchse to show the lineage.
  5. AN-94

    1937 BSW I found at Basspro for $400

    As heavy_mech said, the lack of waffenamts makes judging this one difficult so any other waffenamts present on the bolt parts would be appreciated. Is there a Nazi firing proof on the back of the bolt root like the attached pic?
  6. AN-94

    Converted G43 Mags

    You guys are slacking on your gunshow lore, that magazine looks like Swiss cheese because it must be super experimental rifle to cool off the ammo to prevent a cook off! Those dang semi auto rifles would shoot so fast that they would heat up to the point of cooking off the ammo! They went to...
  7. AN-94

    My 1918 Erfurt.

    That's a nice Erfurt Kar98a, you don't see many 1918 rifles still in Imperial configuration. Congrats! I thought the "B" was for beech wood, not birch. "R" for Rüster or elm wood and "A" for Ahorn or maple iirc.
  8. AN-94

    1937 BSW I found at Basspro for $400

    $400 seems to be the absolute floor for a complete K98k of any kind. BSW represents Berlin-Suhler Waffen und Fahrzeugweke, a manufacturer that only produced K98ks for a few years (1936-1939) and they did not make many with roughly 24k made for 1937. Definitely a parts rifle with the Isreali...
  9. AN-94

    Gewehr 98 Spandau 1915 2367s

    Congrats on a nice rifle with interesting depot work! It's nice to see examples like this where you can see the thought process behind the depot work of the rifle and how they went about fixing it up.
  10. AN-94

    1889 Erfurt Gew 88 #8219 (no suffix)

    Nice to see a nice, untouched Gewehr 88, congrats on scoring a beauty of a rifle and thanks for posting nice pictures of it! I swear, these seem to have one of the highest ratios of abused rifles compared to nice, intact rifles for Imperial German service rifles. Even the Gewehr 71s seem to...
  11. AN-94

    Revisiting my First K98k: a Matching dou. 44 M Block

    That's a very nice example for a first K98k! The photos certainly do a great job showing how nice this one is. I still have yet to score a bog standard 1944 K98k with red glue laminate stock for whatever reason, hopefully I can fix that soon!
  12. AN-94

    From Inrange TV - Das G43 Wunder-Gewehr ist Scheiße

    Semi auto rifle development got the short end of the stick in terms of priority and became a rushed development because of how late they started. I think it's a little more nuanced due to the situation that Germany found itself in by the time the Versailles Treaty was tossed aside. The 1930s was...
  13. AN-94


    Congrats on a nice honest rifle! Rare to see dou 42s like this one
  14. AN-94

    Trying to identify Code Stamp

    Be sure to check that the stocks are matching and get additional pictures of stock markings if you can. The ce 41 and Erfurt Kar 98A should have stock serial numbers marked externally on the bottom keel of the stock, the byf 43 will be numbered internally.
  15. AN-94

    From Inrange TV - Das G43 Wunder-Gewehr ist Scheiße

    Some criticisms are valid though his argument about the possibility of the gun firing out with only one locking flap in battery seems like a stretch, the HWaA would not go about adopting a rifle that was blatantly unsafe to fire for the user. While the K43 is a flawed rifle, that isn't going to...
  16. AN-94

    BYF43 walnut stock from FRANCE

    Nice to see another e block in walnut! Under the sink is an odd place to hide one but curious about the bolt mismatch. My e block in walnut also appears issued but managed to stay matching though most other e blocks that survive today appear to have been unissued or very lightly used.
  17. AN-94

    K98 pick up

    Your rifle was assembled by Gustloff Werke of Weimar in 1943, probably in the second half of the year as a rough guess by the u suffix. The barrel code markings denote the barrel supplier, avk denoting Ruhrstahl AG of Bielefeld. The inspection stamp is E/13, not E/73 for that barrel blank...
  18. AN-94

    my DUV 44

    That's a very nice, honest rifle, I can see why it'd be the pride of your collection. I'd love to find a G/K43 like that locally but I've only ever seen mixmasters and sanded or Bubba'd examples.
  19. AN-94

    1909 Amberg Kar98a, 4312a

    Exceptional condition for an early Amberg Kar98A, that walnut stock is gorgeous! Congrats on a very nice and early example!
  20. AN-94

    Looking for info/history on my K98, 1942 byf

    The "cc" block would be approximately 280,000 rifles in for production for Mauser Oberndorf for 1942, total production for 1942 is roughly 360,000 for Mauser Oberndorf. The bolt appears to be from a Mauser Oberndorf K98k, 2136e (I think that's an e) made in 1941 judging by the E/655 acceptance...

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