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    HMG Sturmgewehr 44

    Does anyone here have any info about this? It looks like something that has been in the works for years but still not available?
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    Most common G/K 43

    What are the most common codes you see in the marketplace ? I seem to run across more AC 45 than anything else.
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    Audie Murphy Photo

    How many of you have seen this photo, Audie Murphy showing a German sniper rifle to his sister Nadine? He brought it back from the war, he killed several snipers. Incredible soldier.
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    Bnz 4

    Purchased on the trader here...this rifle has the Menzel supplied thick stock
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    Erma 27 1940

    Here is my recently acquired Erma 27 1940.
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    Dagger: Reproduction or Original?

    I am guessing someone here knows the answer. The location of the screw in the scabbard, is that a red flag?
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    Does anyone know what exactly this is?
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    White markings

    Just wondering what the forum's opinion is about the white highlights on the markings on some rifles. Do you like them, dislike them, or depends on the rifle? Also, have any of you removed them, and how did you do so?
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    Current prices

    I have a pretty good grasp of the current prices for Colt Pythons, 1911s, etc.....but I know nothing about 98k pricing. I don't know when $800 is a good price, or $3000 is a good price for a particular rifle. Watching an auction site hasn't helped me learn much yet. I see a rifle for $2500 all...
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    Difference between first and second edition

    I am looking for the Vol. 3 book (I just ordered the first and second volumes set). How do I tell the difference between the two editions and how important is it that I get the second edition?
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    I have begun research for a purchase, of course I have questions that so far I haven't found answers for. 1. What are the most desirable models? I keep seeing bnz 45 and such but I went into this thinking the earlier (1937 until 1942 or so) models were a little better made/detailed. 2. How...
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    Where to buy?

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum. I discovered it by watching a Hickok video on the K98k. I am researching and preparing to purchase a fine Nazi period rifle. I have used Gunbroker several times and would like to know if it is the best place to do so (realizing there are good and bad...

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