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  1. mauser99

    gew98m turd on pre98

    Someone when they look can attach the link.. I very rarely look on the site but was utterly bored stuck at home and was surfing around.. The B S on the rifle should stand for Bull Shit in this case.. An utter turd and only 2600.00 and already sold... Oh how the un-informed get fleeced...
  2. mauser99

    Possible polish k29 modified or kar98az

    saw this photo posted elsewhere and wanted to share it here for those who hadn't seen it. I figured this subsection might be the most appropriate . Not knowing what variant in might be . As I'm typing I think I answered my own question but it could also be a Polish reworked kar98 but doubt it...
  3. mauser99

    New find. commercial 84/98 P.weyersberg & co. Solingen

    Picked this up from a recent dumped collection. My main question is ? Is the scabbard the correct scabbard for the blade. The blade is #'d the scabbard is not. No proofs ect. which is common on these odd ball Commercial type Bayonets. Condition is near new and it did have a frog on it...
  4. mauser99

    german trainer small parts source.

    I have seen multiple posts here and I get asked often. Don Schlickman is a great guy and makes stacking rods and the HG clips for the kkw and DSM34 and other odds and ends. Email is dfsjpn[AT] please email him a kind request for you trainer needs. He has a PDF list he sends he...
  5. mauser99

    totally blank s84/98

    Picked this up with a bunch of others.. the rest are gone. no scabbard but interesting its totally void of any marks. Took photos next to a 40 dated example. Fit and finish seems consistent with the 41/42 period. I have seen plenty of blank type Police marked or late commercial types but...
  6. mauser99

    possible factory mismatch FNJ44

    I know big deal but, I bought this two weekends ago from an old timer along with 5 other bayonets. It had a frog on it so I didn't see the back side of the scabbard. Showed him it didn't match and bought it. When I was cleaning it up I slipped off the frog and noticed same maker scabbard and...
  7. mauser99

    training rifle parts source.

    Guys, I met a guy who is making KKW, DSM34 , and Walther sportmodell cleaning/stacking rods. Also dsm34/kkw HG retaining clips. He also makes the small screw for the bolt catch/ejector. Im trying to get him to possibly make safeties for DSM34's and will be sending him a sample. He's retired...
  8. mauser99

    un-questionable M42 S.D. EF68 Heer

    Just picked this up this week. Haven't been buying a whole lot lately. This one after some searching and thinking I couldn't leave behind. Really nice m42's seem to be getting harder and harder to find. I have a few but, when they turn up and all the right buttons get pushed I will bite. What...
  9. mauser99

    Special Greenheart DSM34 With others.

    I was gifted this special rifle the other day. Greenheart DSM's have always been one of my favorites as the logo always had a great look to it. I sold my other so I was without one and a Buddy saw this turn up in a local shop. I was told about it and never in a Million years did I expect to...
  10. mauser99

    walther G41 AC no letter.

    walther G41 AC no date/no letter. After reading Matt's thread I realized how scarce these apparently are. I was told about this rifle back in early Dec. and waited till yesterday to see the photos. One of the finest examples Ive seen. Of Note: after looking on Claus's site I see it's twin...
  11. mauser99

    Seeing double...Erma double strike.

    I don't look much anymore but I stumbled onto this one and wanted to share. First Ive ever seen double struck. Very minty late ERMA in Elm.
  12. mauser99

    real ? or memorex ? hi-turret scope.

    I was handed this yesterday and after a few others I saw I thought were real turn out to be bad I figure Id post this up and get a vote. All this shows real age and Ive lost track of the tell tale signs of Roberts bases. I think these may pre-date him even though others were making them as...
  13. mauser99

    un-questionable M40 Q66 luft.

    Just bought two of these last nite from the grandson of a vet. Both size 66 and both lot # T1467. This is as near mint of these as I have seen in some time. Un-issued with some slight storage damage. Id say it never even had a draw string in it. I had heard and not sure if its true a...
  14. mauser99

    need translation help on book dedication ?

    Not sure what it says other than the date. March 1943 this is the Kreta book. thanks.
  15. mauser99

    period refurbished G date bayonet ? S/172.G ett 1943 date frog.

    I haven't posted or bought a nice bayonet in some time. I bought this one this morning from the vets son. His dad gave him this when he was 10. I told him more about it than he needed to know and after a discussion he decided to sell it to me. I paid him a fair price for it based on what it...
  16. mauser99

    been a while...Matching k98k & a 27/1939 to boot.

    I was able to buy this along with the two Ruski self loaders from an old friends estate. This was the only one he had left so it must have had sentimental value. I haven't owned a matching k98k in some time and it seems weird to even say that. But, such is life. Being an Erma I had to...
  17. mauser99

    "pink" DAK from Bizerta Tunisia

    I was very happy to pick this one up after a two month wait. A true Pink DAK brought back from Bizerta Tunisia. Second large port city next to Tunis. I had to look it up honestly as It didn't stick out to me. Tunis we all have heard of. 6 days after the fall of Tunis and Bizerta the last...
  18. mauser99

    [2] Germania Sport modells One early one late.

    I dug these out for a comparison shot. These are two super scarce JGA Germania Sport modell training rifles in .22 kal. Jga made a ton of trainers in this split bridge design but most are in .4mm lang. This was a separate line and marked differently and applicably named Germania. JGA...
  19. mauser99

    JGA "strenght through joy" KDF 4mm trainer

    Here is a near perfect example of the 4mm indoor training rifle That JGA made for the KDF. KDF sunwheel and marking below loosely translated to " property of sports dept."
  20. mauser99

    ac44 n block g43 with some early features

    ac44 n block K43 with some early features I just picked this up from a larger collection.. Standard type Walther g43 marked rec. n block. The odd thing is it has a very crude turned barrel and it has an early type muzzle nut with threaded barrel. it also has a corncob stock e/359 x2...

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