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  1. my66coupe

    VG1 owners

    In process of a restoration and need measurements and pictures of the interior of a VG1 stock. Thanks!
  2. my66coupe

    1940 243 kg69 rework with "Lithuanian Pillars"

    Local pick up. Road hard and put up wet, overly cleaned by the previous owner. The bolt is a complete mismatch including a e/26 bolt body that is numbered like a rework. The rest of the bolt includes a unnumbered (cz?) firing pin, an unmarked shroud, and what appear to be imperial marked safety...
  3. my66coupe

    What does this barrel belong to?

    Richard at Apex posted this on the 1919 forum with no definite answer. Not drilled for a gas port, 1939 production. Any ideas what it belongs to? Not 34,42,15,81 etc.
  4. my66coupe

    High Turret BYF44 i block

    A roller coaster ride that definitely had its ups and downs! This one started with a phone call around 9:00 pm AZ time, 12 AM on the east coast from Dave Roberts. I rarely give a look at some of the bigger auction sites, but Dave was on top of this one from the get go. Within a few weeks Dave...
  5. my66coupe

    G41M from CB

    Here are some pics of my G41M. I picked this up from an Amoskeag Auction. The rifle was formerly owned by Craig Brown. It is all matching (including the muzzle cone), unsanded, and the highlight of my growing collection.
  6. my66coupe

    Byf44 hand stamped High Turret

    For review is a High Turret that I picked up recently. Byf44 no letter block with late features. Matching Ajack scope Metal is matching and numbered like a g-k block. Hand guard and stock are numbered matching. Has a repro butt plate. RW on front base "Bunny" on tang. Sniper safety
  7. my66coupe

    Just a few KMs BYF44 L block, BYF45 and SVW45 A block

    Been on a Kriegsmodell streak lately, slowly filling empty spaces in my MO collection. All matching, unsanded, full of chatter, subcontracted parts (E/18, E/37, Astrawerke bolt body etc) phosphate parts and horrible quality. Just like we like them.
  8. my66coupe

    Has the Tr. marking found on bayonets, been observed on....

    Rifles or pistols of the era? I came across a late G41(M) with Tr. carved into the stock. In my limited research, the Tr. marking has been found on bayonets with only theories as to why or what it means. I haven't seen any rifles in my search with the marking except for this one.
  9. my66coupe

    Does anyone track G41M sales/prices?

    I'd would love to own a M... They rarely pop up for sale and when they do the prices seem to be all over the place. Not interested in mismatched/sanded guns. Thanks for your help.
  10. my66coupe

    Byf band acceptance question.

    When did MO stop stamping bands with E/135? I have a byf43 i block with only the front waffen marked...came across a byf44 d block with both marked e/135. Both rifles are matching through out and seem right as rain. Thanks for any help!
  11. my66coupe

    CKL M42 SD with head wound??

    For review/ viewing pleasure....Picked this up from the vets family. Looks like the liner has evidence of a head wound. Draw string is gone, chin strap is rough, and one rivet is missing. The liner band is marked DRP 1943. The decal is in great shape and is the best Heer in my growing collection.
  12. my66coupe

    SVT-38 barreled action

    I received this 1940, Tula marked, SVT-38, barreled action in a trade a few months ago. I would like to sell this to someone that appreciates Russian rifles more then I do but have no idea what an appropriate price would be. The receiver and trigger assembly have matching serial numbers. The...
  13. my66coupe

    Need opinions...BCD4 Semi Kriegs with MG barrel.

    Found another rifle locally. It's a BCD4, 5 digit rifle, no letter block, in semi kriegs trim with an mg barrel. Dual tone mix of phosphate and blue. All numbered parts are matching. The stock has been sanded lightly, but the C proof on the wrist is there along with the E/H on the right side...
  14. my66coupe

    Vg1 barrelled action

    May have a lead to a Vg-1 complete minus stock. Was a bring-back, stock was duffle cut and found in a ship home crate. Stock and box are long gone. Bolt and action are in great shape, barrel has some rust forming near the muzzle. It'll probably clean up. Any idea on value? I know Jack's sold for...
  15. my66coupe

    My latest...DUV43 G41

    My first and probably going to be my only G41. Thanks to fellow forum members here and over at gunboards for advice on this one. An A block rifle, this one is all matched minus a E/359 marked front band, that appears to have been on the rifle for 70 years. Duffle cut under the rear band, the...
  16. my66coupe

    G41 Duv43 A block HELP

    All matching rifle, unmolested post war. Has been duffle cut. The only issue is the front band is e/359 for walther and the butt plate is unmarked. With limited resources of information I've found that unmarked plates aren't unusual but the front band has me worried. This rifle was a woodwork...
  17. my66coupe

    Kriegsmarine HSC for review.

    Picked this up about 2 years ago. It's a 4th variation, all matching. Shows sign of poor storage/ holster wear on the bluing. Some pitting on the slide and frame. The KM Eagle M 111/8 marking is nice and crisp. The bore and the rest of the internals are great, and the grips are excellent. Whats...
  18. my66coupe

    1939 42 Luft marked!

    New to me Luftwaffe, walnut, MO rifle. I'm proud to add this one to my collection and excited to share it with you guys. The usual areas are showing signs of bluing loss, and evidence of wartime use....but that's how I like them! Appears to be all correct minus an unnumbered front sight blade...
  19. my66coupe

    My first G43!..DUV44 4450H

    Well I got the fever for a G/K and after a few months searching and bugging the crap out of Darrin Weaver, I finally picked up my fist G43 from him! I looked at about 10 rifles in total, most had sanded stocks, missing cartouches, non matching or missing parts... or had been bubbaed in some...
  20. my66coupe

    Norwegian Cleaning Rod?

    I'm on the hunt for an authentic 12.5" cleaning rod. I see alot of rods advertised as "war time original" but taken from Norwegian surplus. Did Norway tool up and make rods to German spec or are these authentic German rods? Is there a way to tell the difference? I have an all matching byf43 with...

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