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    Commercial byf44 - saved from bubba

    Nice one Bruce. Glad you got it and thank you for sharing the great pictures MikeR
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    Hand guard AX 1940 with penciled in serial number on otherwise all matching example

    Penciled I have seen serial numbers penciled in on K98’s before on both stocks and hand guards, more on hand guards than stocks. Yours looks totally correct to me and I would have no problem saying all matching. MikeR
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    DUV41 and DUV42

    It’s been a long time since I said that I would post some pictures of my DUV’s so here we go. I have 4, three DUV-41’s and one DUV-42. One of the DUV -41’s I purchased when I was between 9 and 10 years old and brought it home on my bicycle. DUV-41 # 8221 and 9817 are bolt m/m. DUV -41 #8547 and...
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    BYF 41 and BYF 42

    Still working on my room and thought I would share a couple pictures. Hope you enjoy
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    Xmas day signed volume II raffle

    Congrats Congrats Tom and a Great Job Bruce. MikeR
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    Xmas day signed volume II raffle

    Books Hi Bruce, yes I am still around n lurking. I posted a couple pictures a while of a couple 98’s I found in the move. Still not setteled in you but when I am I o the group some pictures of my DUV’s. Count me in on your giveaway..HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL ANDa better NEW YEAR MikeR
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    $500.00 a good deal?

    Good price if you are looking for a shooter or just want to have a 98. We all have to start somewhere. Good luck and let us know what you decide. Welcome to the collecting world and the board MikeR
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    The forgotten DUV-42 pictures

    The white stuff in the numbers ( no I didn’t do it ) makes some of the numbers and markings look a little funky. Not making any excuses just my observation. Thank you for pointing those out though as I am always open to other opinions. Thanks again. MikeR
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    1941 byf Mixmaster Gun Show Find

    I agree with the advice of those above. Take the time to learn from this rifle and from this deal. If you decide to pass it on do yourself a BIG favor and tell the new buyer what you know about the rifle. The good and the bad. If you do this when selling you will be respected and never accused...
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    The forgotten DUV-42 pictures

    Ok all, this is the DUV-42 that was hidden away and forgotten with the BYF-41. For those that are tracking these the stock has a date of 7-42 stamped into the wood under the butt plate. I also have another DUV-42 and two DUV-41’s. Two are mismatched and one is matching. One of the mismatched...
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    Forgot I had. BYF-41 pictures

    Thank you everyone. Wolfgolf you are right I probably should just get rid of this piece of junk but wouldn’t want a fellow collector to have to carry that burden so I guess I will just put it back in the safe and hope I remember it this time.LMAO MIKER
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    Forgot I had. BYF-41 pictures

    Thank you. Wait until I post the pictures of the DUV 42 that was with it. MikeR
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    Forgot I had. BYF-41 pictures

    Thank you. Glad you like it
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    Forgot I had. BYF-41 pictures

    Sorry for the long wait but things are still crazy here. I did manage to take some pictures of the BYF-41. I will take pictures of the DUV-41 and DUV-42’s next chance I get. One of the DUV’s I purchased 57 years ago and brought it home on my bicycle. Hope you enjoy the pictures MikeR
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    42 1940 e/l k98k

    My 2 cents I have been in the collecting field for over 50 years and along the way tried many things when it was time to move some of my personal collection on. First let’s talk about friends. Some are and some are not. When I was forced to sell off my large collection of M1s, military .45s and...
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    I am just starting in a run of OT but I will do complete photos ASAP.
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    Thank you. If I run out of space I will keep you in mind.
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    Yes they are both completely matching. And I mean the way they came from the factory not the new “ forced matched” LOL
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    I am in the process of moving and forgot that I had these. Hope you enjoy.
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    Humped BNZ 43. Swung for the fences and struck out.

    It’s just my 2 cents but I don’t think the rifle has anything going for it unless you are looking for something to hang on the wall or maybe hold up a tomato plant. With all that has been screwed with I would never attempt to shoot it. In fact if I was going to keep it I would probably drive a...

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