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  1. heavy_mech

    FG42 parts for sale on GB In case anyone is interested.
  2. heavy_mech

    thoughts on this offering?

    Seems pretty cheap for a Gray Blanket Production? I do like the rough metal finish on front of the receiver.
  3. heavy_mech

    thoughts on this piece?
  4. heavy_mech

    Was this our Caesar?

    I was watching this but whatever the outcome I'm glad it was 'rescued' from this other ass clown. If you look at the bid history some of you will know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.
  5. heavy_mech

    1938 BSW MG13 magazines

    Not shilling for these guys but I thought they were pretty cool and grabbed a few just because. Maybe someone else here cares?
  6. heavy_mech

    thoughts please?

    Other than 'a fool and his money' could anyone provide some feedback on this piece...
  7. heavy_mech

    Gustloff assembled duv42

    Wondering if someone here picked this up? Fairly rare I guess at about 30k produced.
  8. heavy_mech

    Turd Alert - bnz45 s block 9729s Gunbroker

    So based off Ham's comment about another gem yesterday afternoon... Post it up in its own thread and we can review it. Live auction exception because it is not original. The stock and bands are replaced and it is improperly advertised as original. It isn't IMHO, subject to the late war guys...
  9. heavy_mech

    WOW - not sure whether to be impressed or puke

    So I liked it and was quite interested and then the price exploded. Seems like legit bidders in this action,
  10. heavy_mech

    Kind of high for a bolt m/m in that condition? Someone here maybe? I was watching it and didn't really think it would make $1k but it does have that provenance (allegedly). I wonder if a member here may have grabbed it? Looks worn but honest with tons of marked parts so there's that too.
  11. heavy_mech

    I really liked it...

    But I didn't win or even bid for that matter. At 1100 or somewhere less than 1650 I was interested. I asked Mike after consulting the bible and forum references I suspected the blued and stamped but fully serialed TG and lower band. Top band is close milled and serialed as expected. FP...
  12. heavy_mech

    up for assessment

    I like these but don't know enough about them to keep from getting burned. I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts on the rifle itself. As for the auction, I thought it was probably ok at $2700ish but of course some NR comes flying in off the top rope in...
  13. heavy_mech

    bcd 41 for dicussion

    Now that it's over I'd like to see others thoughts on this bloodbath. I already have a pretty strong opinion on the piece itself since Dave posted the link on his site a week and a half? ago. I think it's a good example for newer guys to look over and see what's what. As for the awkshun to me...
  14. heavy_mech

    thoughts on this sale?

    Seems like a legit sale. Guy jumped in late and snagged it. Any thoughts on the price or the rifle itself appreciated. I own 2 including I think a pretty nice bolt m/m so these are interesting to me and Jordan and maybe a few others who are fans. Thanks
  15. heavy_mech

    The Nazi Period???

    Oh boy...
  16. heavy_mech

    StG display gun

    $6200. and it sold pretty quick. Thoughts? Super late gun maybe? 'Ultra rare' sling? 'Precision minded, master craftsman gunsmith'? I know these have been going up. Is this the new normal...
  17. heavy_mech

    MP38 bolt assembly

  18. heavy_mech

    Hebel flare guns

    Not sure if this is the right spot or in anyone even gives a hoot. Saw these listed on another site. No affiliation and I don't know if that's even a fair price. Open to here thoughts or comments though.
  19. heavy_mech

    another rifle 'sale'. ridiculous by any measure

    Just throwing this out for comments/evaluation. Does anyone think this is legit? IMHO the price is WAAYY beyond just insane. Also IMHO it's not even that nice of a rifle. Buffed and shined with some kind of goop, both on the metal and wood.
  20. heavy_mech

    did someone here grab this GECO DEUTSCHES SPORTMODELL off GB?

    It was on the blanket. I was watching but didn't bid.

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