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    Bizarre Stock Disc

    This was at my LGS, this rifle was a BNZ 42 and was import marked. The front barrel band, wood stock and the magazine (not magazine floorplate) matched and the bolt was m/m to the rifle but matching to itself. I think maybe the other barrel band match but I'm working off of memory. I mean...
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    How come Gewehr 98s didn't feature the same cost cutting as K98s?

    Both times Germany was at war, I guess the only really big difference was that Germany wasn't being bombed as aggressively and the war didn't really reach German soil in WWI, but still, it seems like Gewehr 98s still featured all of the milled and polished metal parts throughout the war. What...
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    How do you guys spot stock sanding?

    The only rule I follow is if any of the stamps in the wood seem smudged if that makes any sense.
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    Preserving Metal

    I've noticed when looking at K98 bayonets it's really common to see scabbards pitted to hell. It got me thinking how on earth it could've gotten to that point. I guess they just never left a coat of oil on it and just stuffed it in a drawer? What do you guys use to preserve metal? Especially on...
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    2020 K98 Prices?

    I recently just purchased a K98 for $1100, it's a Byf 44 f block. Everything appears to match besides the firing pin which has a serial number on it while the safety and striker piece is unnumbered by the looks of it. I assume the previous owner lost the original firing pin and the flag safety...

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