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  1. GEM

    Pin out of a Mp44 front sight?

    See email
  2. GEM

    Pin out of a Mp44 front sight?

    Like the Mauser marked calipers. I have two and a Mauser made micrometer.
  3. GEM

    Can someone help ID this rifle ?? This came into my collection in a package; I know it's a Berlin Lubecker, but the 30-06 conversion has me stumped.

    Back in May I posted these images of ads in the 1949 American Rifleman for 30.06 G43 conversions. Link to that complete thread:
  4. GEM

    gew 98 simson & Co Suhl 1915

    Looks like a US Army sevice number. May be able to research to an individual.
  5. GEM

    MAS 45 Ejector Source?

    Just checked my MAS 45. The ejector is a small rectangular tab that is fixed in the bottom of the feed ramp area. Unless it is worn I don't think that is your problem. Rather, I think that the extractor spring tension is weak and doesn't firmly hold the fired case firmly against the face of...
  6. GEM

    Czech post war k98 issues

    Agree that the tip of the bearing surface that rides in the extractor groove is deformed. I am pretty sure that this is easily repaired by polishing the burr down to the major extractor surface. Gently working the piece on a whetstone or 320 grit wet-or-dry paper on a flat surface should do the...
  7. GEM

    MO Mm410B

    Mag release is a very functional design. Carried over to the MAS 45 trainer built under French occupation.
  8. GEM

    MO Mm410B

    I read about but then forgot about that detail. Just looked at mine closely. The magazine differences are as you describe. They interchange and feed fine. French MAS 45 trainer mags work in both rifles as well.
  9. GEM

    MO Mm410B

    Thanks, For comparison this is a picture of an earlier Mm 410 from about 1931. Old style receiver but with same 5 shot magazine.
  10. GEM

    Commonwealth Capture 1936 S/42

    My all matching 1938 147 code commonwealth capture came from potomac arms (interarms) in the 1960's. Indications are that they came a batch from India after capture from Portuguese forces in their war in Goa.
  11. GEM

    G43 Ads from 1949/50

    I have been paging through copies of the American Rifleman magazine from 1940-51. Found these two G43 ads. The first image is from the May 1950 edition. The second image is from the December 1949 edition. Somewhat unusual as there have been virtually no foreign surplus military weapons...
  12. GEM

    MO Mm410B

    I recently acquired this Mauser Mm 410B .22 Schonzeitbusche (off-season small game hunting rifle) from a local source. While not a trainer it shows that MO was still producing very fine commercial arms in the late war period. After reviewing Jon Speed’s book on MO small bore rifles it is...
  13. GEM

    Matching, but abused 1915 DWM

    It appears to me that the bolt was not bent but cut and welded. There seems to be a color line in the steel where dissimilar material was used as a filler. The profile and nature of the work is very similar to that on sporters made from G98 rifles after WWI. I suspect that this mod was done...
  14. GEM

    DSM-34 Project - High Turret or Short Side Rail or Objective Mount?

    Pre-war scopes for German. 22s typically only have elevation adjustment. Windage was in the rear base. Not a direct analogue to military scopes with windage and elevation adjustments and fixed mounts. An interesting engineering problem. The scopes are not that hard to find. Jon Speed's book...
  15. GEM

    BYF 42 - New Acquisition /Thoughts?

    Sometimes it's not that hard. First disassemble the trigger guard from the rifle. Soak the screws from both sides for a couple of days or more with Kroil or other good penetrating oil. An eye dropper, small syringe or Q-tip helps in getting the oil to the thread interface. Repeated...
  16. GEM

    German Mauser Mod. 98 Help Identifying

    The action is 98k per your comments. Does the bolt match or are there any marks on the bolt? The front sling swivel looks to be Spanish. The follower certainly has a Spanish mark - the stylized cross. Not clear but I think I see the same mark on the butt plate. The rear sling loop mounted on...

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