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  1. Rutche

    Varnish/Lacquer Removal

    Hello all! My DWM 1916 Gewehr 98 has a Beech stock, that has had some sort of glossy finish applied to it Lacquer or varnish? Im not sure. Is there a good way of getting this off without Damaging the stock?
  2. Rutche

    Dutch Mannlicher No4 Magdeburg Depot

    Hello all, in light of recent Dutch Mannlicher posts. I thought I might post the one I recently purchased. It seems to be a Magdeburg rework, and has some stock repairs. It also has a strange GA with an H behind it marking on the top handguard in front of the rear sight, I don't know if anyone...
  3. Rutche

    Looking at a JP sauer 1943

    Need some help confirming if this is okay, bolt shroud looks super strange to me. I looked at the pic reference, but just wanted a confirmation
  4. Rutche

    Help me put a date on these Pictures

    Hello everyone, i recently got some pictures of my Great Grandfather, and I need some helping figuring out, in what order these pictures were taken. I hope to maybe achieve this through uniform variations, but I kind of suck at that. I do know that he was a Feldwebel I hope you all can help...
  5. Rutche

    Waffenamt 214 on Gewehr 98m Barrel

    Hi everyone! I have this spare barrel, i think it was a gewehr 98m barrel which was sent to spain and chopped by the importers... (yea one of those nasty ones) Anyway the chamber area of the barrel has 3 consecutive waffemamts E/WaA214 ive never seen something like this i will attach a...
  6. Rutche

    Great Grandfathers Information from the archives

    I recently sent information about my Great Uncle. I now have some of the information about my Great Grandfather. Looks like he was in Newabogen, Nikolskoye south of Leningrad during the siege, where he lost his leg after an assault by Soviet* Troops. Maybe someone can get more from these...
  7. Rutche

    My Great Uncles Sterbekunde

    I can read and speak German, but can someone help me with military designations such as what is an Ersatz-Truppe. on that same line is another thing im not sure of is that an erk.=M, and the unit underneath. He really did pass away in an unfortunate way.
  8. Rutche

    Barrel Length Variations

    Hello all, i was just wondering if anyone has pictures of the "Longer Barrel" that some G/K43's had, or Comparisons in length
  9. Rutche

    Kar 98 Erfurt 1917

    I Believe this is the most common Kar98, but picked this up today. Receiver Left Bolt and Ejector box Right side Stock Butt Plate Sights Stock Magazine and Trigger Guard Barrel Band Front Barrel Band Stacking Hook Right Receiver Stock Markings Sling Cut out
  10. Rutche

    Would the Germans Electro Pencil parts for spare?

    I have a c96 where the bolt has received an electro penciled serial number to match that of the rest of the Pistol. Trying to figure out if it is German done. Best picture i could get
  11. Rutche

    Origin of floor plate

    I had this floor plate laying around and i wanted to know what nation/ rifle its from
  12. Rutche

    Ordered Zielklein scope need to know what mounts or rings i need

    Hello all, i ordered a Zielklein scope for my ES340b which has the barrel with the scope groove aswell. What type of mounts will i need to fit the scope, i heard originals are unobtanium. what dimensions am i looking for Thank you
  13. Rutche

    Mysterious LK stamp

    Im just going on a train of thought, could the LK stamp be for LeihKraft, or LeihKräfte ="Loan arms". Perhaps rifles that were "given" to allies of the Germans? I know that there really isn't anyway to be certain.
  14. Rutche

    Is this HZA Marking correct.

    I was wondering if this HzA marking looks correct to you all.
  15. Rutche

    Unknown Unit marking

    Does anyone know what unit marking this belongs to?
  16. Rutche

    Gewehr 88 Help Needed Dual Serial Numbers

    My buddy recently purchased a Gewehr 88, and upon closer inspection I saw some really interesting markings can you all help me decipher them a little. are these post ww2 markings and why two serial numbers, and reblued did the Germans use it in ww2?
  17. Rutche

    Mauser C96

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a C96 Mauser Broom handle. I noticed that the front of the magazine well has some interesting markings. They are worn out but i can make out a J a 3, and a K. also the bolt is electro-penciled to match, it looks like a German font though. could it be that it...
  18. Rutche

    Erastz Bayonet EB47?

    Hello all, i recently picked up a nice Gewehr 98 and with it came a bayonet im not exactly sure what type, but i think its an Eb47. I’d really love to know some information about these mine is in very rough condition, but ill still post photos
  19. Rutche

    DWM 1916 Photos

    Hey everyone, i made a thread earlier about the unit disc, I am thankful for the help. Anyway i wanted to post some photos of the rifle including bold root and barrel code Receiver Barrel Code Bolt Bolt root Stock Proofs Stock serial number Wrist marking Rear Band Front Band These...
  20. Rutche

    1916 DWM Question about unit Marking

    I have just yesterday picked up a nice matching DWM 1916 Gewehr 98. It has a the disc for a unit mark but there is not a unit marking present is this normal? also I could post some Pictures if interested in the rifle

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