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    Volume III German Printing?

    Is the German Printing of Volume III the same as original except in German?
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    Will tapatalk work again
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    G33/40 1940 945

    Friend of mine in Finland found a couple cool rifles for me at great prices. So I immediately bought them. The first is a G33/40 that appears to be matching with a Finn Repair to the Handguard. My guess is someone went to remove the handguard, but the spring and part of the handguard stayed...
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    BNZ43 Single Rune

    I won this one recently on MeWe in Milsurp Waffles Group. Surprisingly it took a few weeks to fill vs the average of a few days. I was tempted to buy all the spots because the total price shipped came out to right around $700, but I gambled instead. Story is vet brought it back and put in a...
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    What is this Gew 98 Sniper

    Saw this for sale on surplus rifle forum. Seller mentions Cartouche but a flaming bomb MP Cartouche is Spanish Civil War as far as I know. Seller states original and not a parts rifle, however I assume the SCW Cartouche disqualifies it from being original, but I know little to nothing about...
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    Anyone have a clue to what this is

    This one has me stumped. Listed as Yugo which obviously it is not. Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Latvian maybe? More than likely fantasy piece. However what is the stock from? Looks like German stampings on one side, indent on left, with swivel base across indent. Sorry for lack of pics...
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    Finnish Edge Weapon Trilogy

    Finnish Edge Weapons are a big part of my collection and a few months back I managed to pick up 2 very rare ones to complete what for me is the Trilogy of Finnish Edge Weapons. I had the Hackman M/42 for a few years and to it I added a Fiskars M/42 and Coppel Made M/19 Long Puukkopistin all...
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    French K98k CE41 Almost All Matching

    My apologies if I posted this one, before but today I finally had a chance to break down completely a French CE41 I bought last year. To my surprise is almost completely matches. From what I can tell the following parts don't match extractor, buttplate, and the screws are unmarked except the...
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    How are these Freedom to Collect Guides

    Was sent this group on MeWe which I then saw the link to the site. Says over 700 free guides. Just wondering how accurate it is. Tyler Malchauk is the owner. I know I have heard that name before, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    1942 bcd/ar matching

    Finally found what I believe is a correct all matching not late war K98k at a price I was comfortable with. Was really looking for a 1939 to early 1941, but I certainly will not complain about a 1942 duel code bcd/ar. Bore is great stock has some cracking in the lamination. I think this one...
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    Isreali Mauser with some added history

    Thanks to fellow member 8x57 and his astute observational abilities I was able to pick up this Israeli Mauser for $5 above the opening bid which I thought was a more than fair price just for an Israeli forced matching bolt K98k. Nothing else appears to match except some small parts to each...
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    SS Contract?

    Clearly I have a lot to learn still so I present to the experts here pics of a rifle I saw being discussed elsewhere. There it was 50/50 real vs fake, but no one presented a valid argument for the their assessment so it meant nothing IMO. I look forward to hearing what the real experts here...
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    1935 Belgian Mauser All Matching

    Just bought this one. I assume it is somewhat rare because I haven't seen many of them for sale. Even more rare seems to be the bayonet. If anyone has one they would sell or a lead on one I would like to purchase it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    French Re-Work CE 41

    I have been wanting a French Re-Worked K98k to go with my subset of K98k collecting captures or post war reworks. This one actually found me. Local Collector called and offered it to me at a very fair price. Appears to be matching except the floorplate and screws. Pictures are not great, but...
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    Anyone know what this mark on a Byf41 is

    Posted by someone on the local NJGF Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    M42 SS Real or Fake and wait for this story

    First I will ask if this is real or fake. Then I will get into the Facebook world of TR collecting and the story behind the helmet. Makes WAF look sane. This one is different but an example of more of the garbage sold on Facebook Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    1893 Chilean

    I just picked this one up locally. Looks to be all matching. I believe this is one of the rifles originally intended for the Boers but was resold to Chile. Not sure if the Sling is original. Has Cartouches on underside of stock that I believe are DWM Inspector Marks. No Chilean Cartouches...
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    WWI Custrin Depot

    Is there a list of the German Depots and their markings from WWI? Right now I am interested in what the longer Custrin Depot mark letters mean but I would be interested in reading about and seeing all the markings. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Anyone Know about Parabellum Holsters

    I just got a new group of Holsters from Finland. The pic of 4 I believe are all Luger. Possibly all Finnish Made, maybe one is German Made (Black with SA Mark). The other Black one is Finnish Made in Oulu by Åström and is SA marked. The other 2 are unmarked. The one has the stock straps on...
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    Info Requested for Zeiss Jani Zielvier Scope

    I have hit a wall trying to research this scope. If my info is correct and the scope is legit it is 1920s Production. I posted on the Imperial Thread the 1909 Argentine Sniper this Scope came attached to but have not received any replies. My questions are whether the bases, mount, and Scope...

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