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  1. Humbarger

    You can have just one!

    I'm getting dizzy!
  2. Humbarger

    Another one.

    nothing special. Just a a 41crs in nice condition. Now to find a 41crs scabbard. Sure would be nice to find an a code scabbard.
  3. Humbarger

    Why some have it and some dont

    Why do some bayonets have this waffenampt and some don't?
  4. Humbarger

    Opinions please

    Do you guys think that are these rub marks from a web frog. rub marks don't happen over night. It takes time. Were web frogs Only used by the Afrika Korp? I know buy the bayonet not the story. Thats why I'm asking.
  5. Humbarger

    Decipher this please

    Why was 41 overstamped 42? I guess it has a high serial number but its only in the b block. What is the serial number on the prommel? Reissued?
  6. Humbarger

    Bought another one.

    Bought a matching 44ASW. The condition of the bayonet was the factor that sold me.
  7. Humbarger

    Who made it?

    Unmarked k98 bayonet with early WaA253. Wooden grips. Who made these?
  8. Humbarger

    So. Help me get this straight.

    Since the different manufacturers mauser, bcd, bnz, dou etc all started with serial numbers from 0000a to 9999a and on and on. There was a rifle from each manufacturer with the SAME / DUPLICATE serial and BLOCK numbers.
  9. Humbarger

    Latest addition to the family

    Not matching but the price was right. 39 on the spine.
  10. Humbarger

    Question about serial numbers

    Whey are scabbards renumbered like this and who did it? We see it quite often.
  11. Humbarger

    Why so many mismatches

    Is there a consensus as to why MOST bayonets and scabbards are mismmatched? It seems an easy thing to keep them matched with the scabbard especially since the scabbard is secured in the frog which is secured to a belt. The one scenario that I can imagine is that when a soldier surrendered he...
  12. Humbarger

    Why 44

    I see that the more knowledgeable collectors prefer 1944 To all other dates. Why?
  13. Humbarger

    My newest treasure

    I'll let it speak for itself. The scabbard is eichorn 39. Didn't want to attempt to remove it from the frog.
  14. Humbarger

    CRS over 40?

    This is obviously P. Weyersberg produced in 1940? CRS over 40 on the blade. How rare are these?
  15. Humbarger

    Storing bayonets

    Grimlin brought up a good point about keeping bayonets oiled. How do you store / display your bayonets?
  16. Humbarger

    Photos of my new member of the family

    Elite Diamant 1939. Unfortunately no frog with this one. This is the bayonet That I got on fleabay a while back and paid too much. Next year it won't Seem like too much! :thumbsup: because I like it so much.
  17. Humbarger

    Elite Diamant

    Looking at Slashes list for 1944 in the manufacturer codes sticky i see no mention of Elite Diamant production for that year. Did they cease bayonet manufacturing in 44?
  18. Humbarger

    What were these for?

    What purpose did these holes serve. Drain water maybe. During the manufacturing Process maybe.
  19. Humbarger

    Question about unmarked blades

    I have a bayonet with an unmarked blade but has a single WaA519 (Eickhorn) on the hilt. Why wasn't the blade marked with Eickhorns Code?
  20. Humbarger

    Still no consensus. This one is still being decussed and debated over.

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