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  1. mauser99

    Heer M36 Medical Uniform/ Heer M43 Officer Cap

    definitely a nice little grouping.. I find honesty pays off when dealing with people. I would have to say the m43 cap is the star of the grouping. Later type using a T type bevo insignia typically used earlier on the Bergmutz later used and used up on standard m43's folded in trapezoid...
  2. mauser99

    SS SSR Question

    there are others out there more versed than me on Barrel markings.. To complicate even more there were barrel blank providers and then finishers. Just like machine shops today they order stock then finish the items from stock. The barrel blank providers would ship blanks to finishers for...
  3. mauser99

    Polish PFK Warszawa 1929 K98 .22 conversion?

    very nice find. These were converted then I feel phased out due to the fact Poland made a purpose built trainer the WZ31 I think its called. Going off memory. These do turn up I know someone who has a few and a few wz31 types. These kar98's seemed to be considered second rate by Poland as...
  4. mauser99

    G41 BLM with walnut stock

    what a find !! too bad about the rust but, it seems to have been cleaned up fine and now its stable and wont get any worse. Nice early BLM with walnut stock SOOOOO incredibly scarce...
  5. mauser99

    Help needed on ac45 a block

    what !!! LOL they are dreaming.. run fast.. Its a POS for sure... There are plenty out there and you can buy a nice minty ac45 for around 3500-4k just need to be patient.
  6. mauser99

    A Very Rare BSW Trainer

    Amazing rifle ! you are a lucky man.. Obviously some sort of pre-production KKW before it was called a kkw. One clue on build date is the ser #. I have studied these Simsom/BSW/ G.W. rifles for years and one thing we stumbled upon way back with Bob S. and Jim was they used a sequential ser #...
  7. mauser99

    New Greenheart DSM?

    I think there is a guy who can re-tip the firing pin. He does other types so i cant imagine why he couldnt do a dsm34 FP.
  8. mauser99

    SS SSR Question

    I think you are over thinking things a bit.. This can happen when trying to hard to figure things out.. This rifle rebuild would be no different than re building an engine.. All the parts than can be re used are re-used and some items modified and improved some replaced . The rear sight of...
  9. mauser99

    Help needed on ac45 a block

    Stock has been worked over poorly... the mount is a fake/repro very poor copy.. the recoil lug is in backwards
  10. mauser99

    My Bringback No Letter Block duv 44 G43

    very cool and a very early Duv.. This is the third now Ive seen in the first no letter block with the ser# stamped on the carrier like a g41 . This didn't last long then was moved to the side flat area and remained there till the end.
  11. mauser99

    zfk43/1 scope ..

    I cant really see what it is ? Is it an RLN scope ? Or another low production Zf4 type scope ? Yes, at one point rln scopes were being bought up for 5-6k just for the scope. Then they sat for that price for years... Often times sell why the chance is there as it may never come again...…...
  12. mauser99

    Schmidt DSM-34

    there are certain rifles where you can compromise. This is one so incredibly scarce !!! I only know of two and seen only one. Now two I guess . The metal looks redone to me and the poor rifle was badly rusted and then cleaned up and re blued Id say ?? But, just to own one is a feat in...
  13. mauser99

    G43 AC45 matching mount sold for $6.5k on GB

    lots of good info here and weaver's book is a must also. As with anything nothing beats studying known good originals.
  14. mauser99

    G43 AC45 matching mount sold for $6.5k on GB

    Very early square edge mount has the scope # and the rifle # on the mount. The earliest of all mounts were stamped. This was very short lived.
  15. mauser99

    G43 AC45 matching mount sold for $6.5k on GB

    I think you are correct. I recall a topic of a fairly decent job of ruining a Late war un numbered mount. This rifle is a very nice and can bring 4k on their own. So add another 2500.00 for a ruined mount. Overall the price isn't that bad IMHO but, if more folks thought it was real its...
  16. mauser99

    S/27.G RFV

    Amazing rifle … If its the same one Im thinking it is it went for a great price..
  17. mauser99

    Really nice condition Bnz41

    wow ! very nice.. I can see what you grabbed it.. At one point Steyr and radom loose parts were fairly easy to find...:unsure:
  18. mauser99

    Zf41 byf 43 legit ?

    One must remember serial lists are complied on known "seen" examples this isn't necessarily a set in stone list and one would think as time goes on more and more examples are found and noted. You have to have a somewhat open mind and Id say there are no true absolutes. If we had Mausers...
  19. mauser99

    Zf41 byf 43 legit ?

    Yes the rear sight tube/ base is legit.
  20. mauser99

    ZF41 Question (Correct Serial Number Range to be Legit?)

    It sure could be. Im not 100% if there are definitive serial ranges for zf41 rifles. But, byf43 and 44 there are fairly high numbers and That could be one. Its best to look at the rifle super close and study the base and stock relief.

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