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  1. heavy_mech

    K98K BCD 43 Barrel Search

    You can try Kroil and also Bore Bright from Brownell's. Myself and my buddy have gotten excellent results from barrels that looked totally trashed.
  2. heavy_mech

    A True Jewel

    That 'winner' has been throwing money around like crazy. Bitcoin millionaire maybe?
  3. heavy_mech

    1939 code 243 transition K98 with band spring Duffle cut

    Reallly not sure where you're going or even exactly what you're asking however you have an early MB rifle with what appears to be an early Gustloff stock if the buttplate is an indication. I didn't see any other photos that would further identify the stock but at a minimum this is wrong. How...
  4. heavy_mech

    S/27.G RFV

    Geezus that thing is beautiful. Congrats on your purchase! And thanks for the great photos!
  5. heavy_mech

    Ammo Alert

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably end up phucked again as I'm supposed to be at the MK19 range. Oh well.
  6. heavy_mech

    Ammo Alert

    Thanks for the heads up Alden. I jumped over quick (hoping it wasn't already sold out) before I read the rest of your post about available tomorrow morning. I submitted for 1 order of A2 (tungsten) and it said 'Your order was accepted". Which is correct?
  7. heavy_mech

    Unusual S/237 1937 dated some questions on this one for the experts

    That changeover from e/26 to e/214 happened later in '38 and after the S was dropped and it's code changed to just 237 IIRC, however e/26 would be correct for all the parts on your rifle.
  8. heavy_mech

    Bnz 42 contrat ss ??

    No bueno... For several reasons although I like the pirate connection. :ROFLMAO:
  9. heavy_mech

    1st Skijäger Div. white washed STG’s

    Interesting photos! Thanks for sharing them.
  10. heavy_mech

    All matching bcd/ar43 zf41

    That's a fantastic example! Just beautiful. Congrats! And I agree about the Rodenstock scope too. Stickie material?
  11. heavy_mech

    bnz45 3569 T

    Congrats Aaron! That turned out really nice. It definitely takes time and patience.
  12. heavy_mech

    BSW 1939 Matching

    Very nice rifle! I love how literally every part is acceptance marked.
  13. heavy_mech

    bnz 41

    Damn Ryan you're good. No doubt on that font. Impressive.
  14. heavy_mech

    bnz 41

    0,2 would indicate that it was originally produced to be an ordinance spare and sent to a depot as a replacement piece. The 0,2 is the amount the barrel is short chambered in mm. HZa is for Heereszeugamt. Here's a thread discussing them...
  15. heavy_mech

    They are still out there

    Outstanding! I'm sure there are still more hiding out there. Great finds and thanks for sharing them!
  16. heavy_mech

    Potential SS Depot Rifle?

    Yeah unfortunately they keep trying to up their game. I'm certain some/many of them use this site to try and educate themselves to produce better fakes.
  17. heavy_mech

    1943 Hi Power Gun Show Purchase

    Agreed. Also probably my favorite handgun ever. I currently have a BDAO that was 'alledgedlly' used by the Border Service. Very accurate and very reliable. Great ergonomics too IMHO.
  18. heavy_mech

    8mm Ammo Giveaway - Just make a post!

    Congrats to the winner! And it was really nice of you to offer this up! Cheers
  19. heavy_mech

    Help to date production of a 1940 dated 42 k98

    Looking at the 2 examples you posted above I'd agree the OP rifle definitely looks like a q.
  20. heavy_mech

    FG42 parts for sale on GB In case anyone is interested.

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