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    DUV41 and DUV42

    It’s been a long time since I said that I would post some pictures of my DUV’s so here we go. I have 4, three DUV-41’s and one DUV-42. One of the DUV -41’s I purchased when I was between 9 and 10 years old and brought it home on my bicycle. DUV-41 # 8221 and 9817 are bolt m/m. DUV -41 #8547 and...
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    BYF 41 and BYF 42

    Still working on my room and thought I would share a couple pictures. Hope you enjoy
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    The forgotten DUV-42 pictures

    Ok all, this is the DUV-42 that was hidden away and forgotten with the BYF-41. For those that are tracking these the stock has a date of 7-42 stamped into the wood under the butt plate. I also have another DUV-42 and two DUV-41’s. Two are mismatched and one is matching. One of the mismatched...
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    Forgot I had. BYF-41 pictures

    Sorry for the long wait but things are still crazy here. I did manage to take some pictures of the BYF-41. I will take pictures of the DUV-41 and DUV-42’s next chance I get. One of the DUV’s I purchased 57 years ago and brought it home on my bicycle. Hope you enjoy the pictures MikeR
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    I am in the process of moving and forgot that I had these. Hope you enjoy.
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    I am 62 years old and got my first K98 a DUV41 when I was 10. Over the past ten years I have be purchasing a 75 year olds K98 collection one by one. What I have ended up with is a very nice collection of K98's most minty and some rare. I think that it may be time to start selling my collection...

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